The Poisoner's Peril. Or, how to maximize the Daggermark Poisoner.


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Hey everyone, I'm trying to get the most of the Daggermark Poisoner PrC. Right now, my PC is an Investigator in a River Kingdoms campaign taking place around the city. He's taken Black Market Connections and Master Alchemist so obtaining reagents and meeting the entry requirements shouldn't be a problem. The GM has mentioned that the game is going to cap at level 12, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to go with my Inv X/Dag Y.

However, because Studied Strike doesn't synergise with Treacherous Toxin, the fifth level ability. I'm also a primarily ranged character, so I don't plan on sticking in the class for Swift Poisoning or Instantaneous Toxicology.

That said, I think I'm going to be taking at minimum three levels to hit toxic manufactory so I never need to worry about being able to come up with poisons on the road. So I'm trying to figure out the best number of levels to take. I was thinking either 3, 4, or 6.

Six gets the most mileage out of the class with three toxic tricks, swift poisoning, and toxic manufactory.

Three is useful for toxic manufactory, and four grabs another toxic trick (venomous bolt and pernicious poison are both super useful.)

What say you, optimizers and laymen alike?

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Which Toxic Tricks do you like?

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Combine Poison, Poison Trap, Pernicious Poison, Venomous Bolt. None of the others are all that appealing.

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Pernicious Poison is a touch attack, annoyingly. That doesn't mesh well with your ranged guy.

Venomous Bolt looks like a winner, it's a level 4 spell (Poison) as a swift action and would be minimum 10th level for a Ranger. You can get it at 7th, same time as the Clerics and Wizards get Poison. Only problem is it doesn't use your own poison which you have invested so much in crafting.


What about money? Will you have enough equipment with all this poison crafting?

Edit: I'm afraid I don't know a lot about how the class adds up, I do know about spells though. Hence my limited advice.

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Money's not an issue since I've been ruled into using BMC to get reagents for cheaper. I'm basically a crafter of mundane devices, and it's been pretty effective so far. Sure, I'm not doing alchemist bomb damage, but I've made due with the bare essentials. Plus, I've been using Master Alchemist to make enough poison to share the love with the party, so they've given me kickbacks for crafting alchemical remedies and such.

Like I said, it's not potions, but it gets the job done.

Hum. sadly this doesn't work with ranged that well.
but a good note if you ever pull a melee weapon with poison on it is, conductive. You could use pernacioius poison via it when striking something.

Poison trap i don't think will be useful for you, unless you pick up the launch trap toxic trick too. Then you could make a few prior to battles and either launch them directly (with Poison arrow also for double poison dosage. Though as they are magic they don't have any stacking advantages), or use your arrowt to plant them elsewhere.

Investigator technically doesn't allow entry to daggermark (as it's Poison lore not Poison use. Though if this isn't PFS then it's easily allowable GM I bet).
Outside of that I dont' think there is actually much synergy with that class. Poison hand bolts are awesome though.
Sadly investigators have almost no range love (though i believe there wil be a ranged archetype come release )

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Hmmm. Looks like I overlooked study combat doesn't work with ranged...whooops. I guess I'll have to pick up some melee skills.

Anyway guys, my question at this point is less of which tricks I should take (Combine Poison and Venomous Bolt/Pernicious Poison), and more of whether I should go for three, four, or six levels. Right now four is looking good, but swift action poisons sounds great.

Yeah.. It's a sad restriction there....
Though i'm sure there will be an archetype that works with it. and a gun one )perhaps the same thing) since they were so well requested.

How often will you be poisoning in battle?
If your purely going with range, then no need for swift poisoning really.. You can poison your arrows whenever and just let them sit (no rules agianst it. I guess the only risk could be water damage but if you have an efficent quiver (the magic item) then that shoudoln't be an issue).
So.. 3 or 4 I would say. 4 sounds tasty for the tricks.

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I was thinking four as well, and picking up combine poisons and venomous bolt. Between MA and TM I can churn out poisons with enough frequency to be using them to boost my attacks. With Black Market Connections, reagents aren't a problem and I've been allowed to reduce the price of poisons through it due to the nature of my build (houseruled).

Thanks everyone for the help!

Cool Beans. It's worth while to carry a biiig stack of Drow poison if you have a way to convert poison's types. Making in inhale and stacking quite a few is nice to have in your back pocket for when you need to KO and not kill someone.
though if you if you str or dex poisons you might be able to just make them collapse easy enough. or mental poisons to make them brain dead for a bit.

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