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Join me in saying a big congratulations to Indiana's newest 5 star GM, Greg Hurst! Greg GMed his 150th table this past Sunday at Comic Carnival. He is a former VL, and he has dedicated 100s of hours to PFS in Indiana (and sometimes Ohio, too :) ). See here for a pic of Greg and VC Chris Bonnet on Sunday!


Congratulations Greg!

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Congrats Greg! Well done sir!

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Hoo-rah! Way to go sir!

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Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to the community!!

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So far, what's been your favorite scenario?

What kind of things do good GMs do, in your experience, to make for great sessions?

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Greg GM'ed my very fist PFS game at Saltire games (back when Mark Garringer was the VC for Indiana.) Silent Tide, I believe was the scenario. And, as luck would have it, Tracy played in that game, too.

Pretty happy to know these two great representatives for PFS!

Congrats, Greg!

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Congrats Greg,

Greg's first game playing PFS was in July 2010, at the now closed Arsenal Game Room a week before Gen-Con that year. His first game GMing was 3 weeks after Gen-Con.

Since that time he has traveled the mid-west helping local conventions by GM'ing 7 Gencon special's, as well as multiple Bonekeep's and exclusives.

If you live in the mid-west you likely have played at one of his tables.

He improves Indiana Gaming, as well is a great contributor to the Circle of Five in Indiana, the current number of 5 star GM's living in Indiana!

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Congrats Greg! Well deserved.

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Thanks all. My favorite scenarios to run are Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment, which I ran cold at Origins when it first came out, and The Golemworks Incident, which is what I ran for my 150th table. On the latter, I have a nice copy of the final map which is one of the coolest ones I've seen.

Other random trivia, Tracy started about a year after me and got her 5-stars about a year before me. I believe there is one other 5-star couple out there. The first game I ran was Mists of Mwangi, which was both the first and last PFS game I ran using MapTool. It was cool, but none of our current stores have displays.

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Congratulations Greg, thank you for your service to our campaign. Welcome to The Island!

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Nice Job!

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Nice job Greg! Welcome to 5 Star Island. I've met Greg and Tracy at a bunch of cons the last few years. You were missed at Origins this year :(
hope to see you again at Gencon!

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