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I don't have access to my books and have a few questions about Brevoy and Choral (sp?) The Conqueror.

IIRC Choral used Red dragons to conquer Brevity from N of Lake of Mists.
And he lured the swordlords into a trap and nearly wiped them out. But this was centuries after the original Aldori had died.

Is it mentioned what the final fate of Choralis? Did he die in his bed or how?
And how long ago was this?


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According to the 'Brevoy' article in AP31: Stolen Land, he ruled Brevoy only briefly before abdicating and letting his family rule in his place.

And according to the 'Beyond Kingmaker/Continuing the Campaign' article in AP36: Sound of a Thousand Screams, he is described as "the lost lord", which suggests that he disappeared and nobody knew what happened to him after he stepped down from the throne.

And more importantly it reveals...

...that he seems to have been a red dragon all along and might have come back.

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Ooooh ...

I missed the part about him being a Red dragon.(maybe). I did get the chance to see he used 2 reds to destroy the sword lords.

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I read that as a dragon using Choral name to awe the population.
Or Choral could have gone and done a quest to become a dragon.

It is hard to hide that you are a half dragon until you become a fairly powerful spellcaster, so Choral sons (if he had any) would have broken the rouse.

If memory work well exactly 200 years have passed between the founding of the kingdom of Brevoy and the disappearance of the royal family. For sure it was a exact multiplier of 100.

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If building Choral, would a Bloodrager be a good choice?

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Tim Statler wrote:
If building Choral, would a Bloodrager be a good choice?

Well, if you go with the thinking that Choral was a dragon all along, his statblock is presented in AP36: Sound of a Thousand Screams.

It's an interesting theory, but I'm doing something totally different with it.

The PC's are all Brevoy Nobles, most of whom are affiliated with different noble houses. They just completed a long and difficult journey into the lands of House Garess, where, after dealing with not one, but two Lamashtu cults, they discovered what happened to the missing dwarves and the lost Garess Heir.

The short version: The Lost Garess heir was a childhood crush of one of the player characters, and he had a crush on another member of the party. Unfortunately, when Golushkin collapsed, many of the dwarves turned to cannibalism and became ghouls and ghasts, along with the lost Garess Heir. Those that didn't become undead went mad from the reagents that several of their alchemists made that were released in the collapse, and became derro, thanks to the loving influence of the Mi-Go the alchemists were secretly keeping hidden from the rest of the dwarven community. When the heir, now a ghast sorcerer, began releasing the experiments and expanding his territory, the heroes had to find a way into Golushkin using a stolen Numerian drill. Well, the Numerians didn't take too kindly to that, and tried to murder them on the way out. :) Even more so because the Drill was destroyed getting in. The Numerians murdered most of the mining crew and set the rest on fire, even going so far as to murder the Paladin's new boyfriend in front of them just as the illusion dropped and the chainsaw-weilding barbarians closed in.


Well, now they're around 7th level and are starting to have real political impact. They're heroes. They can't just be ignored. People are interested in them.

So who is Choral the Conquerer? Well, 200 years ago, he was a man. A man who craved the kind of power that only the gods could grant. A powerful Eldritch Knight, he made a deal with the powers beyond in the secret caverns below Skywatch. When the call came, he would have to answer them, and the dragons bound to him with magical worms would vanish. The price of power was in his blood. And when he was called back, all of his descendants felt the call, and hurried to join him in the dread domains below Skywatch. Anyone with more than a certain amount of Rogarvia blood felt the call, and journeyed there to serve him.

Regrettably, Choral was no longer human. Their return granted him the power he craved, in the seething pits of long forgotten things below Skywatch. The dark powers he served slowly transformed him, for he knew that he could not hide his transformation. He was a Worm that Walks, a Worm that Walks that could control others by feeding them a worm from his own body! Many members of House Rogarvia helplessly entered the pit, transformed into worms in the body of their originator.

Choral knows that in order to rule the nation in secret, he must have many worm minions. And while he can freely leave Skywatch, most of his powerful minions and allies are trapped. As he conspires to retake that which he believes belongs to him, the nation slowly fractures under a young and eager king, beset by Cults of Lamashtu lurking within the noble houses, Duma the Sly, and his scheming sister.

And the player characters are stuck in the middle of all this. Their only conceivable ally is a powerful Green Dragon who poses as a unique giant called "The Moss Giant" in the Gronzi Forest, and who is actually worried that if Choral returns, that he will wind up next on the control list. And the Green Dragon doesn't want anyone to know that he's a Green Dragon, so if the PC's figure it out, he will probably kill them. :) Did he train one of the PC's? Absolutely. Did he tell her never to come back unless it was a real emergency! You betcha!

And that's where the Dragon comes in. His worm didn't die out. :)

Well, the big red one.

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