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Okay, while I realize this might be a question for a developer (or at the very least a GM), I figured I'd go ahead and ask it anyway...

For a standard dhampir, the 'dayborn' alternate racial trait gives up the dhampir's spell-like ability in order to eliminate their dhampir weakness (which is, in this case, light sensitivity). However, when selecting one of the 'alternate racial heritages', a dhampir gains a different spell-like ability and weakness that is not specifically mentioned in the dayborn alternate racial trait (in other words, you no longer have detect undead or light sensitivity).

However, my question is this: would it still be permissible to select the 'dayborn' alternate racial trait for the dhampir in order to give up the new spell-like ability and dhampir weaknesses gained from the new heritage?

For example, in the case of Svertocher dhampirs, could I select the dayborn alternate racial trait to give up 'obscuring mist' in order to eliminate 'weakness to positive energy'?

As always, any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.

FAQ wrote:

Half-Orc, Acute Darkvision: Can I select this racial trait if I have a racial trait that replaces darkvision?

No. You need to have darkvision as a racial trait in order to select acute darkvision as a racial trait.

The Acute Darkvision alternate trait increases the distance of your Darkvision racial trait but does not list it as a trait that is "replaced" (it instead replaces Orc Ferocity). So this sets the precedent that if one Racial trait affects a different Racial trait, the Racial trait that is being affected must be present. So, even though Dayborn only replaces the SLA (which all alternate heritages still have, just based on a different spell), the alternate heritages don't have the light sensitivity to be removed; thus the combo simply does not work.

Does dayborn replace the sla? Or the specific sla dampir normally get? If this is for a home game it should be fine as long as you still have an sla to loose. The altnernate racial stuff has much fewer options so its not as codified as archetypes.

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I think Kazaan is correct by RAW but it's a reasonable house-rule.

^That being said, I think a reasonable DM would find your logical argument as a sound basis for what you propose.

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