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Scarab Sages

Hi Paizo CS folks,

I just placed order #3185455. The system said it would add the preorder items to my sidecart, but it does not seem to have done so. Could you please give it a poke? (And make sure they're set to use my store credit when they ship?)

While you're reprimanding the server, order #3069846 is in a similar state. 8^)

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Hi Arazyr,

Thanks for bringing those to our attention. It looks like they are being stubborn.

After a stern reprimanding, they are now waiting patiently in your sidecart to ship with future subscription orders.

If you see anything else that needs reprimanding, do let us know.


Scarab Sages

Thanks, Sharaya! If any more orders act cranky, I'll let you know. 8^)

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