Kaer Maga Campaign: Planning advice requested


I'm doing some long-term planning for a Kaer Maga campaign, ideally kept to the city. I have the "City of Strangers" book, and a desire for the campaign to run from level 2 to level 11 or 12. I probably won't get to run it anytime soon, but want to start planning for that day.

I think the feel I'd be going for is more sandbox than railroad, and since such things take a lot of prep, it would be more fun to develop ideas with others than on my own. I'm heavily influenced by BG2's depiction of Athkatla and the experiences there, and would like to approximate something similar for players.

Since there's a lot that's potentially spoiler-y about that book (though most of the stuff is on the pathfinderwiki.com site), please hide spoilers behind the appropriate tags.

Where would you take this campaign re: main plot?
What side plots would make sense to explore?
How many factions from the city would you include as part of the campaign?

If there's a more helpful forum where I can put this thread, let me know. Thanks!

  • Someone's breaking the law and creating intelligent undead.
  • Urgathoa worshippers are trying to locate the pieces to re-assemble a lich phylactery.
  • The Church of Pharasma is leading a campaign to eradicate the use of the undead in Kaer Maga.

You could spend an entire campaign just exploring the multi-layered ruins beneath Kaer Maga.

The Seven Swords of Sin is a great module, gives more info on the city, and our group really enjoyed the dungeon provided.

Slavery and it's general acceptance or lack-there-of is a strong plot point within the city.

Just some ideas!

Shadow Lodge

Check out The Godsmouth Heresy module.

I think it would be a perfect way to introduce 1st-2nd level characters into Kaer Maga. Players get a chronicle for PFS, but there isn't really any PFS material in it.

There are several decent narrative hooks in that adventure that could give you ideas for setting up a long-term campaign.

Good calls. I think that an initial "pointing them in the right way" moment towards the church of Pharasma would be good. From Godsmouth to the intelligent undead, that' same fairly compelling plot line.

Agreed with the underground - even just using the Godsmouth as a delving motivator would be good to show how much is below.

I'll check out 7SoS, too, thanks for the tip!

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The Redemption Engine is set mostly in Kaer Maga and involves a bunch of characters from City of Strangers, might give you some ideas.

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