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I am hoping this is the right place in the forums for this...

I know that periodically new icons are added for use as avatars. I'm not exactly certain how these are decided, but I was hoping to make a few requests for the next time around if that is possible.

  • Djavin Vhrest's picture from Artifacts & Legends
  • Weapons! Hard to make aliases of intelligent weapons without them...
  • More "things". Similar to second request above, but also used to avatar an alias based on their profession, obsession or action with which that character is associated.

Hopefully this isn't too odd of a thing to ask...

Paizo Glitterati Robot

Heya! We don't take requests for avatars at this time, but maybe some of this may end up in the next avatar batch we release :)

Any news on when that batch is coming? =)


As of April 18th. ;P


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