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Forward, my brigade of Fat-Bottomed girls! Set upon JTDV and rend him asunder like the Maenads of old!

Truly, you make the rockin' world go 'round...

*Throws shuriken-like CDs to GT, cutting him into pieces for changing the references from Queen to Sir Mix-a-lot*
*Forces him to listen reggaeton too, and that's the really painful part*

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Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle.

I want to ride my Bicycle*.

And I do so, all over Ellara the Devkarin.

* Bicycle being the name of my trained war mammoth

Fat bottomed girls, they make the rockin' world go round.

By sitting on Uncle Teddy's face until he stops breathing.

Wowee, what a way to go {sighs dreamily}

Ellara the Devkarin wrote:

*Throws shuriken-like CDs to GT, cutting him into pieces for changing the references from Queen to Sir Mix-a-lot*

A spot of education for my young friend.

I show DOVL a bit of ankle, causing a fatal fit of impure thoughts.

I can't believe I missed that reference! I deserve being punished and I'm on the right place!

I drown GoatToucher on his favorite feeling: shame. I've got a lot of shame of my own now to share!

Grand Lodge


Hands Just you average clone a cigar* to go with his dapper look.

*an exploding cigar with the explosive power of 84,000 terajoules.

Now we wait for him to light it...

I stay out on a little private asteroid paradise with my group of people who will inherit the Earth. In ancient times, people believed the key attribute for inheriting the Earth was meekness. I would say extensive training in a variety of sciences and skills, as well as properly checked genetic makeup and variability is more important. Oh, and not being anywhere near 84,000 terajoule detonations when they happen.

Tags Sissyl's asteroid for mining.

Entire asteroid belt fed into foundry-ships and processed for raw materials.

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Goes into a earthen rage because he missed the Bohemian rhapsody theme deaths and crushes IFD under his stone fists.

The Concordance

*summons a swarm of ordinary garden earthworms to devour Caught in a Landslide*

Sticks foot out as Angrboda Fossey is descending the stairs. Her inability to look down causes her to tumble to her death.

I use fly spray on JTD. The non-ecological kind. The kind that works.

Force-feeds Sissyl DDT, and ONLY DDT, in order to prove that a diet consisting of DDT makes her eggs thin, and thus unable to hatch, thus not only killing her, but all her potential offspring!!

Scarab Sages

I hire the Pillsbury Doughboy and Mr. Peanut as goons to beat The Game Hamster to death.

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Via Ninja Mind Manipulation, I force Tony the Tiger to chase a terrified IHIYC into Toucan Sam's Chamber of Horrors, where he is filled with super-sugared breakfast cereal in a variety of uncomfortable ways until he finally perishes.

Liking the idea of the cereal killers I hire some of them to help Pulg. I send him serial killers by accident (pronunciation in English is complicated!) that kill everybody on sight.

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I shoot Kileanna in the knee with my longbow. Thus, I force her to accept a job as a city guard, and while this might not kill her, it is a deeply unfulfilling existence.

I strike Sissyl with the legendarily deadly Quivering Palm, which in this case is not a sekrit technique of the Kung-Fu masters of Shaolin Temple that causes instant death sometimes years in the future, but a very large and heavy coconut tree with anxiety issues.

I push Pulg in to a vat of Rogaine. While this might not kill him, the amount of hair it generates is a deeply unfulfilling existence.

Scarab Sages

I trick JTDV into feeding on a Vishkanya.

I pit IHIYC against a pickled herring in the Great Games of the Warhoons.

I challenge Limey Of Barsoom to a sword duel...I bring a gun! ;)

Scarab Sages

I blast JTDV face-on with a firehose full of hot drawn butter.

I play "Hot Cross Buns" on a recorder while staring intently at IHIYC. Whenever he travels from closet to closet, I am there, playing "Hot Cross Buns" Over and over and over.

As I play, he is haunted by his past sins revealed, and he gradually slips into madness (well, a different, self-destructive madness) and lies down in a bathtub filled with flesh eating beetles.

All to the tune of "Hot Cross Buns."

I play 'Hot Cross Buns' with GoatToucher.

He likes it, but not for long.

I use a real FIRE hose on Pulg.

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I let it slip in casual conversation that it was, in fact, Sissyl who killed Jim Henson...the Muppets show no mercy*.

*not only do they kill her, but also they turn it into a musical number!

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I sell JTDV's film rights to Disney. He may not be killed, but he will be JTDV no more!

Dark Archive

I administer Zoltan Planeswalker a liquid nitrogen enema.

Sovereign Court

I bite the good doctor, turning him into a worgen. It may not technically kill him, but as he won't be able to shift back to his previous form, he might as well be dead.

Scarab Sages

I weave a persistent illusion of the smell of sausages hanging right in front of The Big Bad Wolf of Karazhan's nose. It torments him everywhere he goes, until at last his maddened brain eats itself!

I send Sihir Aneh in to a black hole. That other dimension a black hole is supposed to take you to? Yeah, it's called death.

I boil JTDV and serve him to the assembled forum population with melted butter and cheddar biscuits.

I easily persuade GT to do the brand new dance in town, that we are spreading all around. It is called the 'Bazooka Pooper', and can only be properly performed with a real, live, hand-held anti-tank rocket launcher. At least he will die smiling.

Scarab Sages

I paint the words "Meteors Land Here" in delicate script on Pulg's forehead.

Redirects a nearby meteor onto IHIYC's forehead.

I just go for a walk. Meteors fall, everyone dies.

I invoke karma.
Dalindra is caught in an avalanche.

*flings a scattershot net of blowfish from my trebuchet to sting Kileanna*

Scarab Sages

I curse Sissyl to always have a 10-Krona coin in her ear - if she pulls it out, another one immediately replaces it. This may not seem like much of a curse at first, since she can buy most anything by pulling enough coins out, but that cannot save her from a slow death by copper/nickel poisoning.

Sovereign Court

Drinking contest between me and IHIYC, he wins at the cost of his life.

Taking 'Terminus Est' in both hands, I end TBBWOK's existence with one single mighty blow.

NB: 'Terminus Est' is a railway station, not a sword. How I managed to use a railway station as a hand-held weapon is my little secret.

I watch as Pulg is crushed by, oh, say... a railway station.

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I don't like railroads...

*Buries Sissyl in a sandbox*

Scarab Sages

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I hold a flawless mirror up perfectly level with Kileanna's eyes and teeth. The reflected glow bounces back and forth until finally becoming so intense that it burns straight through her own skull.

I convince I'm Hiding In Your Closet to open up his own fast food restaurant. Over time, he partakes in the scraps, leftovers, wrong orders, and legitimate lunches. Eventually, his cholesterol increases to the point that when he does eventually hide in your closet, you'll know it because you can see the greasy trail leading up to, and flowing under the closet doors (Yuk!).

That's not the part that kills him. This is where you come in. Are you really not going to shoot in to your closet with impunity when you find that cholesterol trail in your house? Didn't think so.

I crank call a Tarrasque, giving it a hard time and then say "What are you going to do about it, tough guy?" Then I give it JTDV's address.

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Why is this giant bug lurking in my ship? I use DDT on JTD!

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