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Let's go with the Poog method.

I sneak up behind the Avatar of ZK and shank him.

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I'll have George RR Martin write you into his newest novel.

I'll hang Krevon with a noose made of his own beard hairs.

Scarab Sages

I cast silence on a stretch of busy street, then tell BlindKitsune it's safe to cross now.

I make my brand new minion ,Rovagug (Thanks AoZK), stomp on IHIYC. You see he joined me because he was also hates the gods.

Oh, Gottity, you like it Rough like a Beast? Very interesting.

I did, however, drop a little line to Sarenrae about your escapades, so expect a batch of Cleansing Flame(tm) in 3...2...1...

Sovereign Court

I push GT into the line of cleansing flames as well, knowing you he will enjoy every bit of it.

Bracing! We should all spend a few hours every week without skin!

:hammers in AoZ-K's skull spikes:

*casts hold monster, coats GoatToucher in gravy, locks him in pen full of starving goats*

Mmm... that's right, Mr. Giraffe: get all the marmalade.

:stares into PWU's eyes throughout the experience, filling him with unwholesome thoughts. Thoughts which turn him down dark paths and to darker activities, until, ultimately, PWU dies alone and afraid, denied by the gods, buried in a pauper's grave:

Manipulates PWU's thoughts until he realizes that before he dies he should take GT down with him. They get buried together.

Hits Goddity with a bomb on the end of a very long stick.

GT, you shall die because you misspelt my name, even though I should be killing Pulg. Holy fire from Sarenrae was very helpful in increasing the power on my latest death ray. More heat in that than in the sun. Also Rovagug is fully on my side now. You shall all die to death ray. Death by Death Ray I tell you, DEATH RAY!

Sovereign Court

Goddity then (at the very moment of his triumph) gets betrayed and killed by Rovagug, for only a fool would align themselves with a chaotic evil deity, for their word cannot be doubly trusted!

Yep that sounds about right. Mind you, I still kill the rest of you.

Sovereign Court

Wouldn't have it any other way!

*Binds AOR in unbreakable chains and then stabs his exposed parts.*

So Goddity asked me to distract you while he finishes his master scheme. So I rip the unbreakable chains, rip not break, to cause a distraction. Heres hoping Rovagug is significantly angry at AoZK!

The MSpoG, not succeeding his perception check, is crushed by a Gargantuan Iron Golem, which then proceeds to stomp on AoZK repeatedly, who cries in pain/pleasure.

Noticing Pulg, the Gargantuan Iron Golem sprays napalm from its helm/head, incinerating the fool, who thought he could hide from a construct made iron god.

When Goddity finishes his master plan you will all pay. I'll make you see. I'll make them all see. AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cue lighting)

:puts MSPoG in a lady-bison suit, sprays him with lady-bison musk, and sets him out among the gentlemen bison:

:the result is deleterious to MSPoG's gastrointestinal integrity and overall health:

:watches intently:

Um wow. I really liked the guy GT. Thanks. It is now time to unveil my secret project...

... I cloned Rovagug. And this one follows my orders. Now die. All of you.

I catch Goddity and Rovagug in mid-monologue (dialogue? rant anyway) and shove them into a big commercial oven, turning the heat all the way up and leaning on the door to hold it shut.

I infect BlindKitsune with a disease that turns her ? into a ukelele and then feed the ukelele to a ukelele eating horse, which eats her.

Edit your notes so the disease is highly contagious. The horse shall eat both of you.

GnR gets stabbed with a rusty ogre hook and catches some horrible disease that comes from rusty metal.

Tetanus dies from his own disease as I stab him with a rusty dagger. Who said he has immunity to it, after all?

I introduce Icyshadow to Burnlight, his nemesis. When the annihilation stops, I kick some dirt over the ashes.

Scarab Sages

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I kill Sissyl by murdering her to death!


I murder Sissyl's ghost with my ghost tough death ray™.

I assimilate Goddity and Rovagug to myself, killing them both.

I summon the Good Swedish Fish Beast which instantly destroys EFCB and the fish.....

Scarab Sages

I inundate Molten Dragon with liquid nitrogen, then shatter the resulting mass with a tuning fork. Hasta la vista, baby.

I convince a Terminator that IHIYC is actually Sarah Conner.

Poog use ctrl+alt+delete and erase G-Oddity & Rovagag from server.

Shadow Lodge

I kill the Poog with kindness

I kill tQR with lasciviousness.

Poog rip off GoatGroper's head and play kick-ball with it.

I unleash a horde of angry goats to trample The Poog.

Why goats? The gobbo is doing goatkind a favor isn't he?

By the way, you're about to get headsh-... oops my finger was twitching early.

I perform the Vidilpoga Disarm Sequence on TFF - VIDILPOGA DISARM SEQUENCE!!!! - dissing his arms in Vidilpogese until they fall off because they're so upset and then he can't scratch himself and he dies of Itch.

Scarab Sages

I cheese-grate Pulg to death.

I closet grate IHIYC to the death

The final resting place of Goddity and Rovagug: Crushed by a huge stack of gold pieces, the sum of which is immeasurable.

I'm just a harmless old man with a cane. What can I do to you?

* looks to the left and right before beating TheMonocleRogue to death with cane *

Heh, never mess with us old folk.

*whacks Grandpa Wonderbra to death with cane too*

What he said.

:eats ROG:

What was that cold codger on about?

:belches, coughs up artificial hip:

Excuse me!

:dabs corners of mouth with monogrammed lace hankie:

While you are distracted by reading this message, you slowly realize it is too late too escape, but morbid fascination causes you to try and reach the end of this message before I get you, but in your heart you know it is too late. GT already fell for it and it looks like you
are next.

* runs over An Average Ninja in a motorized wheelchair, backs up, and runs over him again, repeating the process until he is nothing but a stain on the sidewalk *

Durned fool ninja - I've passed kidney-stones tougher than you.

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