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(getting back to the original star wars reference)

GMS is innocently killed during the death star demonstration....while making babies.

Sovereign Court

I work myself up into a berserk, primal rage and tear Krevon apart in a blood lusting frenzy!

Scarab Sages

All too easy - I goad Gorilla Grodd into raging more, and more, and more, and more, until he dies of a cortisol-induced heart attack.

I nudge the dying Grodd so that he collapses onto IHIYC, crushing him to paste with a comic honking sound.

i'll feed a goat a thermal detonator so when it is "touched" all in the blast radius is dead

Let's go with a classic.

*ties krevon to the local train tracks*

*hopes the local train track hasn't been downsized*

*sees the train turn krevon to smush*

Scarab Sages

I endow Sissyl with a dashing chinbutt that makes her feel heroic, then plaintively cry for help from the bottom of a well, and when she looks down into the well, the extra weight, to which she is unaccustomed, is just enough of a gravity-center-s~++ to send her plummeting chin-first to the bottom, where she breaks her neck.

I give IHIYC a gift wrapped box, red and yellow, a' la Jokey Smurf. When he opens the box, it predictably explodes. Somewhat less predictably, the box was full of wood screws, which penetrate the jester's face and vital organs.

I drop large log on top of GoatToucher's head. He much dead now.

I sew Poog into the gusset of Jane Fonda's leotard.

I shave Pulg. Voila, nothing left!

Sovereign Court

I give Sissyl a bear hug (excuse me, a GORILLA hug) from behind, crushing her ribcage and then I tear her pretty little head off of her pretty little body.

Silver Crusade

*Fine Animal Gorilla Koko Love Tickle With Tickle-Stick You Laugh Too Much Get Hurt Sleep*

I givez Koko banana then leave. When Koko make chew on banana, banana and Koko explode, lots of blood and fleshy pieces are left.

Silver Crusade

*looming over Poog is a livid Koko holding an uneaten banana*

*No Banana Want Persimmon Koko Red Mad Toilet*

*squashes Poog's head like a rotten melon*

Sovereign Court

You dare to challenge me!? No one shall take this world or me, not even a fellow ape! With that, I pummel my not so inclined 'cousin' into paste.


:machine guns Grodd:


:continues machine gunning Grodd)

I handz GoatToucher a new goat to touch.
What he not know, is goat is fake goat, full of bombs.

Poog look from safe distance blow-up of GoatToucher, much fun.

Scarab Sages

After exhaustive research into "THE" Poog of Zarongel's True Name, I come to the rather amazing revelation that "Poog" really is it, so unleashing my powers of Truename magic proves to be a simple task: I speak his True Name backwards, and he turns into goop.

Grand Lodge

Closet cave-in crushes clown.

Scarab Sages

I secretly water down Eryda's ale supply for months until she finally dies of alcohol withdrawal - what better way to kill a Dwarf?

I disguise IHIYC as some oats and then abandon him in a paddock full of hungry horses.

I will bribe Pulg to shoot Han first.

Scarab Sages

You know those corkscrews that look like a little dude flapping his arms? I cast animate objects on a whole crateful of those and command them to go drill krevon to death.

Fly, my pretties, FLYYYYY!

I throw IHIYC out over the enormously high cliff, then start shooting autofire with a machine gun to swiss cheese him while he falls. Finally, after he hits the ground, I use my rocket launcher to finish him. BOOYA!

I will stuff Sissyl into an Atomic Tuba and start playing Souza marches on it.

I bend the Tuba's metal and strangle Pulg with it.

Scarab Sages

I gift The Fiend Fantastic with a peace offering: a snazzy necktie - the kind that flips around and levitates as though hanging from an immovable rod 15' or so off the ground when you put it on.

Sovereign Court

I rip off IHIYC's grinning face and as he recoils in pain, I give him a full 180 spinal cord breaker.

Banana full of ground glass.

Sovereign Court

*Shoves said banana angrily into GoatToucher's face.*

I HATE bananas!

:brandishes Ring of Primate Control:


:smiles blissfully as Grodd licks banana-glass off his face:

Yes, that's right Mr. Giraffe. Get all the marmalade.

I toss GoatToucher in the midst of a pack of hungry hyenas.
Oh the ripping and gore, oh the cries of agony.

Yes. Those poor hyenas.

:shoots an experimental ray that converts TFF's various body tissues into cooked pork products:

Scarab Sages

I deport GoatToucher to Ghana, where his proclivities quickly attract the attention of their local variety of cranks, and he is lynched for sorcery.

I report IHIYC as a human smuggler, getting him incarcerated for 140.000 years, with only half subjected to possible pardon. Despite the questionable humanity of GoatToucher.

Hanson....Hanson will kill Sissyl for me

Scarab Sages

With the amount of raw green krevon's got going on there, I deduce that there is one thing that is sure to destroy him: The color yellow.

Pac-Man! Homer Simpson! SpongeBob! ATTACK!!!

Sovereign Court

Did you factor in a mighty gorilla army?

*Said army attacks and kills both IHIYC and his allies.*

Guess, not!

His head's got a hole in it and he's down, messy, but hey i got the job done.

Sovereign Court

Who said that I was among the apes that were attacking? Because I wasn't!

*Suddenly appears behind WH and slams an uprooted tree stump into his head, smashing to pieces, avenging the death of the 'decoy' commanding ape general.*

:leaves a trail of mangoes to lead GG to a nice, soft bed of leaves, which hides the carrying net of a trebuchet, which then launches GG to parts unknown at high altitude and speed. Upon landing, he becomes a feast for carrion eaters:

Uses robot goat to entice GT into a small cave, where I freeze him in carbonite and hang him on my wall

I infiltrate the cave dressed as a bounty hunter and... uh, after a rather long series of events involving another bounty hunter, a giant monster, a desert mouth creature, a slave bikini and so on, strangle lorenlord with a chain. After all this, I pop a few with my gun into GoatToucher for good measure.

Sovereign Court

*Places hands around Sissyl's head from behind and squeezes REALLY hard.*

I position Gorilla Grod inbetween a wagon load of hot pies and a famished Celine Dion.

I'll tell zombie Whitney Houston Pulg has cocaine.

Fly! -Fly- my pretties!

:a herd of goats tramples krevon:

Sovereign Court

*Aims a loaded cannon at GoatToucher from behind and fires.*

Scarab Sages

I hire a pair of plumbers, get 'em ripped on magic mushrooms, and let them go to work on Gorilla Grodd.

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