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I mix blur with blur, a little phosphorus for color and mint for flavor.

Then drop a plane full of thermite on GT and toss him a lit flare.

Mythbusters would be proud!

The next 6 killers must use a catchy one liner from an 80's or 90's action flick.

Hasta la vista Baby.

I put GMS into a garbage shredder.

Always bet on black.

:Runs over WH with a combine harvester:

Sovereign Court

Don't come into MY back garden with that weak azz sheet! Sorry, not only do I not swear, I also don't know any 80's or 90's action flicks).

*Rigs GoatToucher's combine harvester to blow up.*

"Uhummm, this is a tasty burger."

I jumpz on Grundolker's chest with jumpy-stick, cracking his chest till death.

Scarab Sages

"It's PARTY TIME! P-A-R-T-Y??? Because I GOTTA!"

I cram a time bomb down "THE" Poog of Zarongel's throat.


*using a flurry of precise moves, grabs hold of and take away eyes, nose, ears, and mouth from the clown's face*

*strikes a Pose of Awesomeness*

*watches the clown suffocate on the floor, then throws the stuff in her hands, including the psycho grin, over her shoulder*

Double barrel remington to the back of the head.

That solves that.

:slams into TFF with a brand new 2000 SUX:

I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

Sovereign Court

*Turns into a fat zomborg dressed as a clown and spews corrosive pink coloured barf on GoatToucher*

Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk! Hiya kiddies!

Scarab Sages

"Datdatdatdatdatdat - I. Am. Your singing telegram *BANG*"

I know, I know, I get shot - but the Voodoo Doll of Justice I keep handy ensures that Grundolker gets the fatal bullet wound!

Sissyl, in the library, with the candlestick.

Convenient, while Sissyl just did so, i push this uber-heavy bookcase over. It squishes Sissyl.

:knocks TFF out with a lit pipe bomb, leaves it in TFF's lap:

Sovereign Court

Remember that corrosive pink barf? Well, it's back! And I dump a massive barrel of the stuff on GoatToucher.

I strangle Grundolker with piano wire.

I show WH a mirror, forcing him to confront himself after the horrible deeds he has done.

The rest takes care of itself.

Scarab Sages

I summon GoatToucher's archnemesis: Baphomet! Who's bad-touching who now???

Sovereign Court

I convince IHIYC to reenact a scene from Frankenstein. I play the role of the creature, thanks to my shape shifting powers, and IHIYC plays the role of my first victim. The rest explains itself.

I place a tesla coil and activate it from great, great distance to fry Grundolker.

Have a nice day!

Yanks pin as I leave.

Barricades the door.

Crossbow bolt to the face.

Scarab Sages

+5 Holy Boot To The Head.

I'll cast summon Mime

Scarab Sages

I remind krevon's 6 roommates it's time for his bath.

Sovereign Court

I stick a magnetic collar on IHIYC and let him run for his life while I send a large, razor bladed metallic disc after him.

i drown hin in 240gp worth of Radiant Pudding

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I notify LeVonn and Barry (Saggitarius) of lorenlord's copyright infringement.

They groove him to death.

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I shoot GoatToucher out of a cannon, into another cannon! Filled with sharks!

Poog launch Pulg with catapult into tornado! Filled with sharks!

Scarab Sages

I slowly lower "THE" Poog of Zarongel into a pool of sharks with frickin' catapults on their heads!

GoatToucher wrote:

I notify LeVonn and Barry (Saggitarius) of lorenlord's copyright infringement.

They groove him to death.

I'm glad someone got the reference, thank you sir.

I roll IHIYC into a ball and drop him into a pit of multi-colored hippos....

Sovereign Court

I cast a transformation spell on lorenlord, turning him into an egg then I smash hi on my head. In other words, he is dead but I'm the one with egg on my face.

Despite that you're still no egghead.

I compose a riddle so impossible for Grundolker's mind, his brain melts at the attempt.

I riddle WH with bullets, quipping "THAT'S using your head!" after I finish.

I then curse my inability to deliver quips appropriate tot he situation.

Sovereign Court

I cast a powerful illusion spell on GoatToucher, causing him to see that which scares him more than anything. He dies of fright soon after.

A rapier sticking out through his heart baffles him before he dies.

*cleans off rapier with cloth*

...a poisoned piece of cloth. Wylliam's skin falls off in great pieces of sludge, leaving a severely corroded metallic skeleton in an inert heap.

Racial bonus on saves vs poison
Even if it works, i push a button causing my body to unleash a torrent of energy, killing Sissyl along with me.

I throw a bucket of water on Metali-Skele-Harrison, causing him to short circuit.

Genius, throwing water on a dead android.

Now, allow me to introduce you to Hank the Shank, my custom meat cleaver.

Scarab Sages

'Ello, my good judge of souls! How'd you like a nice, close shave this fine evening..?

30 minutes later...

Oi, Ms. Lovett! Get ready to tell folks the special extra-spicy pies are back on the menu!

H'mm, what a good job Hephaestus did with this +4 Vorpal Curry Burst Keen (Over Enthusiastic, in Fact) Jester Bane greataxe. Shame I'm never going to get an opportunity to use i.... WOW!

:Hoses Pulg down with Nair, hoping to humiliate him, only to find , as Pulg completely dissolves, that there was no flesh to be found under all the hair:

Icepick into ear.

Goblins win!

Math Test to Goblin. Head explodes.

I win! :p

Scarab Sages

Pastel Oil Paints to Grey Hag. The sheer contradiction of essence kills her.

Sovereign Court

You will not savour victory just yet, pathetic human clown! First, I use my Evo-Ray to turn everyone on this thread (except for IHIYC and myself) into gorillas and then I use my telepathic powers to command my new minions to kill IHIYC! Which they do, rather effectively.

After hot gluing Gorilla Grodd to a chair, I make him watch The Happy Painter, Bob Ross on a loop. In Reverse, until his mind turns to putty and slides out his ears.

Also, Happy Halloween!

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