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:taints Gruntolker/Goro's deodorant with a vicious strain of Pit-Rot, which is particularly deadly when you have four armpits:

Boots goatToucher under steamroller.

Staples GMS to the front of a supersonic badger, then sets the controls for the heart of the sun.

I shall hide a sphere of annihilation in Pulg's trouser. Eat your heart out Gygas.

The Exchange

Tie a milestone around krevon's neck and push him off a boat in the ocean.

The milestone bound body of krevon hits Dagon on his head. Asking the nearest water breather who done it, I direct him ASD and co and watch the inevitable.

I toss the fish into a vat of deadly corrosive acid....the stuff works gruesomely fast.

The Exchange

With aforementioned acid i feed to FF as a fine dragon soup, which dissolves at his insides and adds another ingredient -- dead red man

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

i toss ASD in too

Scarab Sages

I hire the Annoying Orange to go around asking equinoxmaster "Into WHAT?" until equinoxmaster loses his mind and kills himself.

I wait for IHIYC to walk onto the street, then run him over with a tractor trailer.

I shall invite a rules lawyer with an edetic memory to one of GM Scotty's games and watch him commit suicide.

I stabby stabby stab krevon many many times.....his fault, he not should have change picture gain

I use a flamethrower to douse Poog in sticky, burning glop.

Scarab Sages

I take a plastic eggshell-full of Soully Putty (TM), slap it on Sissyl's face, and then peel it off, leaving her shrieking imprisoned essence transplanted onto it.

Sovereign Court

*Transforms into a quicksilver and attacks IHIYC while he is in his house of mirrors, tearing him to shreds each time I leap out of a mirror and go back into another one before he can react.*

Scarab Sages

I take clever advantage of the fact that I'm being torn to shreds to shriek at the top of my lungs, shattering every single mirror in the complex with Grundolker inside.

Sovereign Court

Too-shay, Mister clown!

*Picks up as many pieces of shattered mirror as possible and stab IHIYC with them.*

The Exchange

*kindly ask the predator to kindly take care of Grundolker.*

*the predator hunts the alien down and slays it*

*it returns Grundolker's head to me with an apple in his mouth*

*I grin slightly before unceremoniously slaying the predator, thus 'tying up loose ends'*

krevon wrote:
I shall invite a rules lawyer with an edetic memory to one of GM Scotty's games and watch him commit suicide.

I thank you for starting this thread on my birthday sir, and look forward to butchering you at some point!

Rolls thermal detonator into room with ASD and enjoy the blast and shock wave.

Happy b-day, but Poog now put you on BBQ and munch you.


Grand Lodge

I cover poog in peanut butter and suffocate him. then I feed him to my wolf

Grand Lodge

*mmmMMmmm peanut butter*

I remind the animal companion of the rules of the thread, he rends his master in shame. And also because his boss smells and tastes of yummy peanut butter!

Then i infect him with rabies and shoot him in a cut scene, with only the sound of a single shot heard.

I almost shed a tear, then I recall, Fish, no tear ducts!

Grand Lodge

I do no such thing! Believe me! Dinosaur GMS was tripping on shrooms thinking he was a fish, filming a movie, and mumbling about peanut butter so I eat his face.

Blabla....i snap the animal companion's neck.

Neckst please!

I make, sweet, sweet, love (for a certain value of sweet sweet) to TFF and then don't call him afterwards, driving him in to a suicidal depression.

Sovereign Court

Learning of this, while TFF was at a bar, I decided to play match maker for GoatToucher. He promptly dies, drowning in pleasure given to him by 1000 beautiful monster girls. Lucky ducky!

Scarab Sages

After having installed hidden cameras in GoatToucher's bedchamber, I strap Grundolker into a Clockwork Orange apparatus and force him to watch all 1000 sex tapes. He barfs to death.

Respawning after dying from short breath, due to laughing myself to death over GoatToucher's attempt with my stunt double, i find IHIYC leaving Grundolker. I drop a 16ton weight onto his head...what ensues is alot of blood seeping from underneath it.

Scarab Sages

Having foreseen this contingency a few months in advance, I'd been binge-drinking holy water - the pause that refreshes to me, of course, but not so much for The Fiend Fantastic, who melts like the Wicked Witch of the West as my blood begins pooling around his hooves.

I run over IHIYC with a Ford Pinto.

Scarab Sages

Really, GoatToucher? Really?

As he runs me over, I give the car a nice pointy *poke* right in the engine, and it violently explodes with him in it.

:Notes that IHIYC just exploded a car directly over himself and only noted a fatality in the passenger:

:my limbless torso plummets to the ground, landing directly on IHIYC, forcing his liquefied organs out every orifice:

:my torso is also on fire:

Sovereign Court

I extinguish the flames, then I stamp on GoatToucher's head until it is nothing but pulp. That'll teach him to muck up the once in a lifetime opportunity I gave him - seriously, I had to convince all of those monster girls that he was me!

:my head opens up into a grotesque vertical toothy maw and devours Grundolker as he rings his foot down for another stomp:

:uses Grundolker's biomass to form new limbs and heal apparent wounds:

Sovereign Court

By using my biomass, I am able to gain control of your body and over time, 'you' painfully transform into me.

But -you- retain an overwhelming urge to touch goats, making you a Goat Toucher, so, without even knowing, you become me.

It's all -very- existential.

From 150ft away, i open this portal below the mix-mush that is GoatToucher and Grundolker, they sink into it like quicksand. I then close the portal as they are halfway in, killing effectively.

I walk away.

Wearing a wide-brimmed black hat and with a voluminous black cloak pulled up to my nose, I sneak up behind TFF and insert a weaponised pineapple where it will do him most good.

Sovereign Court

Finally free from GoatToucher, I transform into a giant killer jack-in-the-box and using my trusty spring loaded boxing gloves, I show Pulg the true meaning of 'terror in toytown'. But I have to be careful, my springs give a nasty recoil which means that sometimes, I get struck on the head with my own gloves.

Scarab Sages

Anyone else remember the climatic resolution of Babes In Toyland?

I find myself a mustache-twirling villain, shrink him down to the approximate size of a tin soldier, drop him in Grundolker's box, and close the lid. Grundolker is now trapped in his own box with a wicked, spiteful, and now somewhat panicky villain, who wins the ensuing duel to the death because he has the advantage of mobility over his cramped opponent.

I pull out and blow on my bison whistle, which is followed by a low rumbling, growing louder until it resolves into a stampede that tramples IHIYC under the hooves of some of America's noblest creatures.

The stampede continues for several minutes.

Sovereign Court

At last, I have found what I have been looking for, the mystical sword Angel Halo!

*Performs the mighty 'Quadruple Giga Slash' on GoatToucher.*

Die, lapdog of Ilias!

I gnawz Grundolker's face off, followed by eating him alive.


I nom Poogs face off while he is gnawing grundolkers face off, creating a time-face eating paradox

Having created a paradox, I use it to make a portal and taunt a Dalek into traveling thru.


Yada yada, kill kill..

Then it does the thing it does.

Scarab Sages

I use my cosmic vibrator to summon Dr. Frankenfurter, he knows all kinds of thing he can do with Game Master Scotty - or should I say, Game Master VON SCOTT!

"I. F~*#ing. Hate. CELERY!!!"


:Shoots Brad:


:Shoots Janet:

Doctor Scott!

:Shoots IHIYC:

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