Druid / Monk multiclass...The Way of the Whispering Wolf


Silver Crusade

That was cheesy. Hopefully though prototype00 will weigh in...
Druid 7 (Wolf Shaman) Travel
Monk 3
Horizon Walker 3, Astral

HW requires the Endurance feat. Druid 7 has to come first to qualify for 4th level spells. Then the rest of the levels can be intermixed for optimizing. Feats at levels 7, 9, 11, and 13 are the 4 in the Dimensional Agility line, so that level 13 is Dimensional Savant. Please help with levels 8-13 and onward!!

What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with this build?

It seems like you're working toward a general wild-shape, teleport (Dimension Door), melee build?

Natural Spell
Feral Combat Training
and Wild Speech if you can fit it in are probably good choices for this build as well.

Silver Crusade

You hit it on the head. Dimension Door as a huge wolf.

As I theory craft, this is really feat intensive. To keep Dim Savant at 13, it restricts those 7, 9, and 11 feat slots, which is right where the monk feats should go. Ggrr.

Remember you can always retrain older feats into the Dimensional Agility line, as retraining will allow you to pickup feats you didn't qualify for at earlier levels.

Unfortunately, there's a bit of a debate over wether or not you can Wildshape into bigger or smaller versions of an Animal. That's really up to your GM until then.

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