Monster Manual 5E gains 32 free pages (352 total)

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Mike Mearls' most recent Legends & Lore explains that WotC had too many monsters along with story material and extra stat blocks to stuff into 320 pages. So the page count is going up to 352. With no increase in cost.

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This is good news and is the best approach for the customer given their available options. Here's hoping MM1 doesn't exclude many monsters that people consider classics until later books. Overall I liked the 4E monster books and approach to monster design but it was annoying that some of the classic giants, etc. had to wait until later monster manuals to make their official appearance.

The more the merrier. :)

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2 extra signatures' worth of monster madness.

More monsters always means a good thing.

So long as those 32 free pages are filled with decent monsters, and not "orc nose pickers" and "halfling slingers" and "hogboblin slashers" and such.

But hey, 32 extra pages at no extra cost. Still pretty good.

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Looking through the Legacy of the Crystal Shard's stat booklet, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Plus it's not really good policy to go up 2 signatures at a profit loss without a very good reason.

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I have it on good authority* that there will be 32 extra pages dedicated to the Dire Corby.

*Kittens told me.

I have been there . It is somewhat dire

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