Cosplaying Pathfinder at Cons: Suggestions for a zaftig woman

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First off all, I'm not sure if I'm in the correct part of the message boards. Please let me know if there's a better place for this to go!

I am looking to do some Pathfinder/Golarion cosplay, so I'm looking for appropriate character suggestions. Something that I could do in time for Gencon would be great, but I'm also looking for longer term projects for future conventions.

-My Criteria-
* female (because I can't really pull off an androgynous look)
* plus-sized
* wearing clothing
* fair skinned (I'm ok with using stage makeup, but there is a limit)
* I'm ok with using/getting wigs

A quick survey of the sources I have hasn't come up with many options. I know that the criteria basically removes the iconics and most of the NPCs from consideration... so monsters and villains are open as options too.

Here's what I've come up with as a list so far (may include Spoilers, so watch out for lots of clicking "Show").

Lirianne, if I do a full coat and extend the vest to a normal size (with a corset/shaper underneath). I think she's the only one female that could be modded into a non-skinny female without loosing the visual character identity.

-Adventure Paths-

Rise of the Runelords:

An NPC? that I do not know, but my wish to cosplay came up in conversation and someone/thing was mentioned by one of the people in the conversation... along with a caveat of "I'm not going to actually suggest that [NPC? Enemy? I'm not sure], because it's insulting."

Council of Thieves:

The Chelish Opera singer that's on one of the covers and is one of the Reaper minis.

Reign of Winter:

Baba Yaga (hello great grandmother!) (I'm currently playing this with a run-away jadwiga.)
An ice troll I haven't met yet

-Pathfinder Scenarios-

PFS Intro 1:
Auntie Baltwin (Her full body isn't shown, but the ugly elderly aunt trope doesn't tend towards sleek and slender)

The first one in the RoW list is one that I think I can manage by Gencon... just need a lot more makeup and some prop crafting time. But multiple options are good!

Note: I am just looking for suggestions for Pathfiner/Golarion cosplay, because I've not found many myself. I realize that I'm not going to find much in the cast of characters being a plus sized woman, yet I hope that I am missing scores of possibilities in sources I don't have but am willing to pick up.

If people want to have the "we need more body image diversity in the characters/game/art" conversation as a result of my request, I'll all for it... just not here.

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Shelyn, Goddess of Beauty and Love, certainly has a curve or two.

I have a little too much tummy for Shelyn's most common outfits. :)

That being said, I love the softness that she's usually depicted with. As I loose some weight, I'll look into making that glaive.

A plump, BBW Shelyn would be awesome.

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I'll echo Shelyn here, regardless of body size. She would be the first to say: "Beauty doesn't come in just one size."

Iconics: How about Enora? Sure, you're taller than she is, but who isn't? Besides, she's new - you'd be the first with her cosplay!

Runelords: Lucrecia. She's a redhead, and very fair-skinned. She shows a bit of cleavage, but that can be toned down depending upon your comfort level. She's very slim, canonically having what appears to be a dancer's body, but she's also a shapechanger, so maybe she's wanting to explore her curves that day.

Enora looks awesome! And I love complicated casters! I will have to file her for when I have a fabric budget though… I don't have that much blue sitting around. :)

Similar for Lucrecia… I don't have that much burgundy. I might be able to start planning out the bodice though.

For Shelyn… well… I'd have to work on my own brain before I'm comfortable enough to try.

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Iconics: Imrijka has some curves, and can be modest as well. And she has the hat.

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I will echo the Imrijka suggestion. As long as you're OK with green face paint and prosthetic tusks.

Baba Yaga FTW!

or Shelyn! :)

There's nothing wrong with changing the costume slightly, so you're comfortable with it. If you left off the slit in the top, it'll still look like her, and make you more comfortable. Same with the leg slits and the decolletage, only make them as deep as you want.

And since you mentioned budget/yardage constraints, nothing's cheaper than muslin or thrift store sheets.

'Shifting Sands' has Muminofrah, but she wears less than Shelyn.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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