Technobabes: Joining the Cupertino Children's Choir


Liberty's Edge which I mean--it's time for your kids to continue movement toward the Singularity with their own computer.

At what age do you (Paizonians with children) plan to allow a computer in your child's room?

Andrew Turner wrote:

At what age do you (Paizonians with children) plan to allow a computer in your child's room?

OWN computer? In their own room? Likely not until at least 16. Maybe later.

Not internet connected? Maybe earlier. But probably not. They don't need one of their very own - they can use one of the myriad available computers (in open and accessible areas) around the house.

(Or so I say now, when my little girl is just 2. My comment is subject to change based on constant evaluation.)

I was 12 when I got a computer in my room in 96. I don't have kids now, but I see no reason not to trust them with one at that age.

I got the first computer when I was seven. It took some time to get a second TV that could be connected to it, make the computer independent of the TV set at parents' room. I think that I ended with permanent computer in my room (shared with brother, occasionally taken away as punishment) around 10 or 11 when we got Amiga...


Things are a lot different from the 80's. I had a Commodore 64 and a 1200 baud modem and I was connecting to BBS's in the local area. I'd say that was in the 12-16 range and I took the 64 to College.
A lot has changed. I think a kid can have a computer in their room with the right monitoring. I know you can put parenting software to keep the kids from certain sites but you have to be as tech savvy as you kids, otherwise those programs won't do any good.

You also have to watch them when they go to "study".
There was a comedian who said his son had all this computer stuff and that when he punished him instead of sending the boy to his room he sent the boy to HIS room.

So a computer might be fine but the child has to understand that it is for school work. (keep the video games in the living room)

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