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Is there a general warhorn event for online games that we can all use? Or do people tend to make their own events?

If the former, what must one do in order to be able to add games to it as a GM?

We all have individual Warhorn accounts for table sign-up. People tend to make their own events; among other things, it helps GMs regulate table size and screen their players.

IronHelixx and Roll20 PFS have some "communal" Warhorns (based on what I've observed with the multiple GMs). You'd have to speak with the event organizer in order to add sessions.

You can also team up with another person who runs online and use the same Warhorn Account. The creator would have to give you admin privileges in order for you to update sessions.

Liberty's Edge 5/5

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OK, thanks! I do have my own warhorn account I've used for signing up for things. If I decide to use it (instead of the chaotic "post your name in the forum thread" method...), I'll probably just make my own event.

I suggest making your own event and using Warhorn. You're correct, the post your name method is chaotic. Using Warhorn grants you access to the email addresses of the people who signed up so you can just email out RSVP information. It's much easier.

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