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In an upcoming session, me and my party are going to fight many battles including of course minions and bosses. feats of note: I have sacred summons and summon good , my cleric is CG and my domains are luck and trickery. We just finished a session so expecting to get also a lot of gold.

So items and spells suggestion are more than welcome. Beside summon Monster 7 for cleric at 7th spell, not quite sure what else to use...the high level cleric spells seem underwhelming. Blessing of fervor is my favorite spell of course.

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What's your Wisdom bonus? Chains of light is a great 6th-level spell, which functions as a hold monster that targets Reflex and bypasses SR. Hallucinogenic smoke is a 4th-level spell that nauseates anyone in a 30-foot cone for long enough for the Fighter to mop them up. And an offensive plane shift is always fun, if you want to send the bad guys straight to hell without passing Go or collecting $200.

If you want to lean more toward support, breath of life and heal are must-haves. And a divination in the morning (or better yet, the day before) will help you know what you'll be facing, so you can plan accordingly.

I like persistent greater command myself. Whole Lotta minions doing nothing, and persistent means that even a boss might find himself doing nothing but presenting himself for execution.

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oh my wisdom is only a +7.

If you know you're fighting a lot of battles, make sure to leave a couple of slots open so you can be flexible in replacing essentials.

Add heroes' feast and waves of ecstasy to the list. The former for an all day buff and the latter for crowd control. I get a lot of use from wall of stone with my cleric, as well.

Check your group, greater magic weapon and magic vestments could be useful buffs (+3 Enhancement bonus to weapons or armor/shields), lasting 13+ hours.

I second heroes feast as well.

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Remember to use your Bits of Luck power for fights where only a minor buff is needed, and remind them that it applies to all rolls, not just one. While it won't be the most efficient in a big fight, giving it to your favorite archer can be a pretty good way to end the smaller ones. And you should have Ten of them a day, if you have a +7 wisdom modifier.

Buy Pearls of Power so you can recover some spells.

Cold Ice Strike is a fantastic level 6 spell. Swift action to wreck anything in a 30' line is always quite useful to my cleric.

Holy Word at level 7 can cause some serious havoc on minions, and possibly even the boss, depending on their level.

Waves of Ecstasy isn't a bad way to stagger a bunch of minions either.

I often have a Word of Recall prepared, just in case things go really poorly and we need to escape.

If you have time before the day of combat, maybe grab a Planar Ally to help?

Blade Barrier can be handy for locking minions away. If the terrain allows it, Wall of Stone can be used similarly, but without causing damage.

If you're the only spellcaster who will be casting beneficial spells, having a Spell Resistance prepared for use against a spellcaster boss can be a life saver.

I've gotten decent mileage out of Greater Command for locking down large groups of minions.

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