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Note: I haven't playtested these monsters, so these are just my thoughts on a read-through.

One thing I am noticing in general throughout the PDF is that the relevant abilities aren't listed for the special attacks. Typically, after the description of a unique ability, it will say something like "the save DC is Constitution-based".

The guttergrime beetles are not immune to acid. Is this intentional? The death throes ability could end up with some rather nasty combats, with one beetle exploding and triggering another, etc.

The cindersprite and clockwork parrot alike would benefit from a rather obscure clause in the combat maneuver rules: "Creatures that are size Tiny or smaller use their Dexterity modifier in place of their Strength modifier to determine their CMB."

The fountain dragon deals 1.5 times its Strength modifier on its bite attacks, so it should have an ability, powerful attack (bite) or the like, to make that explicit. The steam shroud ability has no save, which makes it super-powerful. To compare, incendiary cloud, a spell that does the exact same thing, allows a Reflex save for half and is an 8th level spell (albeit not the most powerful 8th level spell). Slap a save onto it (either Reflex or Fort for half damage). In addition, if this dragon spends all of its time disguised as a statue in a fountain, shouldn't it at least have some ranks in Swim?

Swarms, like the fool's gold swarm, have a CMB and CMD of -.

How long does the deafness of the wingrat's sonic burst ability last? It doesn't have a listed duration. Permanent would be too harsh for a CR 2, when remove blindness/deafness isn't readily available.

The xenocoon appears to use the 3.5 rules for natural weapons. In Pathfinder, both bite and claws are primary, meaning they use the full Base Attack Bonus of the monster.

Hope this helps!

I Certainly needed to do some extra research on these, as it is made apparent. I will be able to up load some changes and take another pass at these relatively soon. Thanks for helping out!

Liz Courts wrote:
Now available!

Thanks a ton, Liz!

I will also be taking an extensive look at editing to make this a bit more friendly to read. Thank you for you patience while we get this fixed.

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