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Silver Crusade

Looking to control the battlefield with a monk using Double Chained Kama. This build got feat intensive pretty quickly, but Flowing Monk loses its second level bonus feat (and it also loses Fast Movement).

So there's 3 options I can see, and of course Qinggong is tacked on to each...
A. Vanilla monk
B. Ki Mystic
C. Flowing Monk, lose one feat

1-Vicious Stomp, Combat Reflexes(monk bonus), Stand Still (human bonus)
2-Dodge (monk bonus)
3-Exotic WP-Kama, Double Chained
6-Improved Trip (monk bonus)
7-Combat Patrol

Which option is most viable?

I think to really make use of it you need the fast movement. Which is a Shane as most of what flowing monk does fits.

If you stick with your current plan ki mystic is best.

One thing though you wont get a lot of use out of flurry or the double weapon property.

Scarab Sages

Master of Many Styles would be best for it IMO. If you are using Combat Patrol, you aren't using Flurry. You won't gain the benefit of psuedo-full BAB on AoOs, so you might as well trade it out. A dip into Unarmed fighter would give you free proficiency with the double-chained kama and a free style feat.

Silver Crusade

I agree. And Combat Patrol takes advantage of extra move speed.

Silver Crusade

With MoMS, the bonus feats have to be style feats. So Dodge, Combat Reflexes, and Improved Trip can't be chosen. Too feat intensive.

Also, Sacred Mountain. You begin and end your turn in the same square so you gain your Bastion Stance benefits, then do all your moving "between turns" with Combat Patrol. And Ki Mystic/MoMS/Sacred Mountain is a valid archetype combo.

Silver Crusade

Sacred Mountain gives up High Jump and Slow Fall, which are the abilities needed to switch out for Qinggong. I'd rather cast Barkskin on myself than Bastion Stance.

Silver Crusade

Although I am now considering the dip into Unarmed Fighter. That doesn't delay things that much.

Silver Crusade

Take Unarmed Fighter at level 3.

M1-Vicious Stomp, Combat Reflexes(monk bonus), Stand Still (human bonus)
M2-Dodge (monk bonus)
F3-Weapon Focus-Kama, Double Chained, Panther Style (fighter bonus)
M7-Combat Patrol,Improved Trip (monk bonus)
M9-Panther Claw
M11-Panther Parry, Deflect Arrows (monk bonus)

Silver Crusade

3 Qinggong Powers...
Barkskin, Ki Stand and Spring Attack.


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