Land Rush plea for Oceanic Players

Pathfinder Online

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Goblin Squad Member

Wish I could help guys, but I never got my invite. Good luck, and if it somehow pops up, I'll drop in and give you my best.

Goblin Squad Member

If you're an Alpha who's not gotten his download info, send a note to Their turnaround is very fast, and probably even better for Alphas, as your problem is likely less complex than some of the folks who're still having account-linking issues.

I think that if people are having fun, they are playing the game right. Nothing else really matters. So small guilds should keep their own settlements if that is something they think they will enjoy doing.

Good luck TAI. Aussie Aussie Aussie.

Goblin Squad Member

I hope you are able to get that resolved HalfOrc, (btw I like your hat).

I'd like to see some other small groups like ours join up with our settlement, I think it would be a great opportunity to shape a community and settlement in preparation for the war of towers and beyond.

Also if there are another players in the GMT+8 to GMT+12 time zone in alpha, send me a PM here or in the alpha forums.

Goblin Squad Member

It was pointed out that I didn't identify our guild in my last post, oops.

We are Terra Australis Incognito, here is our website and here is our land rush page.

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