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O.K. I have a level 1 Half-Elf Fighter for PFS play. In making him for the first scenario I had a brain fart. I some how got it into my head that an Elven Curve Blade is a double weapon.

My original idea was to have a double-bladed sword wielding Half Elf, who will multi-class as a Rogue and Barbarian (for imp. uncanny dodge), but OMG! The crit range on an ECB is 18-20 and is just calling me to take improved critical and critical focus feats at levels 9 and 10 and crit away, along with Power Attack at lower levels.

Though my original conception was a Darth Maul-ish character (human side being Shaonti, so he'll have face tattoos), with a double bladed sword and multiple attacks, who will eventually be tacking Sneak Attack damage to the attacks.

I can take Power Attack with a two bladed sword as well and attack two handed, but it would not be worth investing in the critical feats to try and be a crit-hitting machine at higher levels.

Current Feats: TWF, Double Slice
Alt Racial Trait: Ancestral Arms: Either ECB or Two bladed sword
Traits: Adopted (Auspicious Tattoo) +1 Will Save
Deft Dodger +1 Reflex Save


Str: 17
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 7

Thoughts on which way to go initially? At higher levels, I'd have the money to get both weapons, but at lower levels, not so much.

Lvl progression:

1. Fighter
2. Fighter
3. Rogue
4. Rogue
5. Rogue
6. Rogue
7. Barbarian
8. Barbarian
9. Fighter
10. Fighter
11. Fighter
12. Fighter

The Elven Curved blade will accomplish what you're looking for if it's critical hits. However, also consider the Nodachi; it's an 18-20/X2 two-handed Martial weapon that counts as Slashing and Piercing, as well as has the Brace property and a nice-scaling D10 damage dice (so it syncs well with Enlarge builds). The nicest thing is it saves you from spending that racial trait, and allows you to put it to better use (instead of the feat, you can get a fully-stackable +2 to Will Saves racial trait called Dual Minded I think, one of the most attractive racial choices Half-Elves get).

It's important you establish if you want to fully invest in a double weapon or just a two-handed weapon, as that will determine what advice I should give you.

At any rate, I will point out that Fighter levels are basically all or nothing; they can either be no levels, only be a 1 or 2 level dip, or you go full ham. It just won't work otherwise; you'll lose out on great class features and lack a lot of firepower you're looking for if you dip around, stating you want to be a Fighter class.

Regardless, I have made a guide regarding two-handed fighters, and it should be relevant to whatever answers you're looking for in terms of optimization. Just remember that while it should be compatible for PFS play, it does not factor their rules in when constructing your character. Feel free to send me a private message or update this thread with any other questions, concerns, etc.

A whetstone bestows the sharp condition on a weapon, dealing 1 point of extra damage on first strike.

Masterwork weapon's are plus 1 to hit.

Smoke sticks are fun for crowd control.

Scarab Sages

I'm not convinced that Improved Uncanny Dodge is worth it, particularly when you're looking at a decent initative score by being a TWF, though a dip between a Fighter/Barbarian is interesting, or a Fighter/Rogue to focus on support melee, flanking to gain further sneak attack damage.

Feat-Wise, a Ftr/Barb focusing on criticals can be absolutely devastating, but really needs an Elven Curve Blade rather than a double-sword to pull ahead.

Sticking with the TWF theme then, a Ftr/Rog gives you the sneak attack extra damage, which you want to pile on the attack opportunities. Consider boosting your Int to 13, to get Combat Expertise and Imp. Trip, and Greater Trip. Knock them off their feet for a +4 to hit due to the AC penalty, and Greater Trip ensures that you don't lose any attacks (since you get an AoO as they go down), plus picking up Improved Dirty trick to blind your enemies as well. Lore Warden archetype will help with this. If you're focusing on critical feats as well,

One side note, Double-slice is rarely worth the feat investment, it generally generates +2 damage for a fighter up until the highest levels (since it does nothing to change the effects of Power Attack), consider Weapon Focus instead, as you want to maximise the number of hits you can achieve.

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