Non-Evil undead?


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DrDeth wrote:
Atarlost wrote:

Undead are powered by perfectly neutral negative energy and don't impinge upon the souls of the departed unless they're intelligent undead.


"Raise dead: A creature who has been turned into an undead creature or killed by a death effect can't be raised by this spell."

I remember one Arcanis scenario where a noble was killed and then turned into undead specifically to deny him both resurrection AND entry into the afterlife.

Also, Resurrection/True resurrection still work. So from that we actually know it doesn't involve the soul of the person in the slightest.

No hindrance of their ability to go to the afterlife involved (since the undead isn't destroyed by Bob being resurrected, meaning it only requires a corpse, not a spirit).

Mulet wrote:

I'd like to spice up my campaign with the moral dilemma of neutral or good aligned undead. Do these exists?

Perhaps some Twilight-esc vampires?

Pathfinder "cleaned up" for kids.

Skeletons and zombies without orders actually do Macarena. Including trying singing. Possibly forever. That why evil.

Remember, not evil make Undead on a ship. Ship crew too busy to Macarena. If had time dance sailor's hornpipe.

Also not evil make undead do other dances.

Easy for GM have non-evil undead. Think Shall We Dance but zombies not Yul Brynner.

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