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This is my most recent party that went throgh RotR with the explicit goal of standing a chance when playing WotR as AD 7-9, as described in this blog post .
It's not the most optimized party ever, but I wanted all of them to have roles that are explicitly non-good in terms of the rpg alignment. (Arushalae would've been much better in her redeemed role in RotR, and I'm not sure Fallen will play better than Redeemed in WotR...).

Character Name: Seltiyel
Role Card: Spellblade
Skill Feats: Strength +2, Intelligence +4
Power Feats: Hand Size +2, ...add 3d6 and that card's trait..., When you play a weapon that has the sword trait..., When you acquire a spell or weapon..., Discard a spell to...
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +3, Armor +1, Item +1, Ally +1, Blessing +1
Weapons: 2x Longsword +2, Fanged Falchion, Chellan, Karzoug's B. Glaive
Spells: Augury, 2x Haste, Lightning Bolt, Incendiary Cloud, 2x Swipe
Armors: Spiny Shield, Reflecting Shield
Items: Staff of Minor Healing, Sihedron Tome
Allies: Shaman, Pyromaniac Mage
Blessings: Gorum, Irori, Shelyn, Gods, Abadar

Character Name: Arueshalae
Role Card: Fallen
Skill Feats: Dexterity +4, Charisma +2
Power Feats: Hand Size +1, ...reduced by 5, ...add 1d4+2..., When you defeat a monster..., When you play a card, ... and you may treat the top card...
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Armor +1, Item +2, Ally +1, Blessing +3
Weapons: Ret. Throwing Axe +1, Shock Longbow +1, Deathbane Light Crossbow +1, 2x Venomous Heavy Crossbow
Spells: -
Armors: Snakeskin Tunic, Lesser Bolstering Armor
Items: Holy Candle, Sage's Journal, Staff of Minor Healing, Magic Spyglass, Revelation Quill
Allies: 2x Black Arrow Ranger, Charmed Red Dragon
Blessings: 2x Calistria, 4x Erastil, Shelyn, Gods

Character Name: Athnul
Role Card: Keen Strike Monk
Skill Feats: Strenght +1, Constitution +1, Wisdom +4
Power Feats: Hand Size +1, ...and you may add the Magic trait..., You may also add 1d8..., Then you may recharge that blessing..., You gain the skill DIVINE: WISDOM +3, When you attempt a check defeat a barrier...
Card Feats: Spell +2, Item +1, Ally +2, Blessing +3
Weapons: -
Spells: 2x Cure
Armors: -
Items: Belt of Giant Strength, Amulet of Fiery Fists, Emerald Codex, Ring of Energy Resistance, Robes of Xin-Shalast
Allies: Father Zantus, Toad, Monkey, Vale Temros, Lizard, Eagle, Charmed Red Dragon
Blessings: 2x Gorum, Gods, Lamashtu, 2x Abadar, Gozreh, 2x Nethys

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This was a two-player game. Lem did die once, but I ran through all of the earlier scenarios solo afterwards, so effectively he did not die (I do not know if that was a breach of etiquette or not, sorry if it is). These characters were not run through the three introductory scenarios before starting the RotRL campaign.

Character Name: Amiri
Role Card: Berserker
Skill Feats: Strength +2, Intelligence +1, Wisdom +1, Charisma +1
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Heavy Armor proficiency, ...and/or move another character..., +4 to acquire a weapon, Blessing of Gorum adds d12
Card Feats: Weapons +2, Armor +1, Items +3, Allies +1, Blessings +1
Weapons: Fanged Falchion, Flaming Icy Axe +1, Flaming Ranseur +3, Greatclub +3, Karzoug's Burning Glaive, Mokmurian's Club, Shock Greatsword +2
Spells: --
Armors: Greater Bolstering Armor, Hide Armor of Fire Resistance, Lesser Bolstering Armor
Items: Belt of Physical Might, Chime of Unlocking, Magic Spyglass, Revelation Quill, Staff of Minor Healing
Allies: 2x Crow, Saber-Toothed Tiger
Blessings: Abadar, 2x Gorum, Iomedae, Norgorber

Character Name: Lem
Role Card: Virtuoso
Skill Feats: Dexterity +1, Constitution +1, Charisma +3
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Light Armor Proficiency, Weapons Proficiency, ...add 1d4+2 to a check by you or another..., Blessing of Shelyn for 1d12
Card Feats: Weapons +1, Spells +2, Armors +1, Items +2, Allies +1, Blessings +1
Weapons: Force Sling +3, Returning Frost Spear +2
Spells: Bewilder, Dominate, Incendiary Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Mass Cure, Scrying
Armors: Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Medusa Mask, Robe of Runes, Robes of Xin-Shalast, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Black Arrow Ranger, Elven Sharpshooter, Jakardros Sovark, Lizard
Blessings: Gozreh, Lamashtu, Norgorber, Sarenrae, 2x Shelyn

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My wife and I were gifted this game out of the blue having never had any awareness of Pathfinder before this point. We absolutely love this game and have been playing through it with my dad and the friend who gifted it to us. After a year and a half we finally finished, here's our decks:

Character Name: Valeros
Role Card: Weapon Master
Skill Feats: Strength +4, Charisma +2
Power Feats: +2 hand size, Add 1d4 (+2) to another character's combat check..., When you play a weapon you may recharge it (or shuffle it into your deck)..., Add 4 to your check to acquire a weapon
Card Feats: Weapon +3, Armor +2, Item +1, Ally +1, Blessing +1
Weapons: Flaming Icy Axe +1, Fanged Falchion, Flaming Ranseur +3, Flaming Ranseur +3, Chellan Sword of Greed, Dancing Scimitar +2, Dancing Scimitar +2, Karzoug's Burning Glaive
Spells: N/A
Armors: Magic Full Plate, Magic Full Plate, Demon Armor, Invincible Breastplate, Invincible Breatsplate
Items: Cape of Escape, Magic Spyglass, Wand of Scorching Ray
Allies: Charmed Red Dragon, Lizard, Sacred Killer
Blessings: Blessing of Gozreh, Blessing of Gozreh, Blessing of Norgorber, Blessing of Abadar

Note - The cape of escape was picked up in the last scenario and Valeros had to take it after choosing an item card feat. Valeros was basically our fighter, if ever we were worried about combat checks Valeros was sent in and either simply won or took no damage. Was also useful to have at your location for the extra d4.

Character Name: Harsk
Role Card: Sniper
Skill Feats: Dexterity +3, Wisdom +3
Power Feats: +1 hand size, You may recharge a card to add 1d4 (+3) to a combat check..., When you play a weapon with the Ranged trait you may recharge it..., You gain the skill Divine: Wisdom +1, When playing a blessing to add to a dexterity check add d12...
Card Feats: Spell +2, Armor +1, Item +2, Ally +2, Blessing +1
Weapons: Returning Frost Spear +2, Returning Frost Spear +2, Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2, Force Sling +3, Force Sling +3
Spells: Raise Dead, Mass Cure
Armors: Reflecting Shield, Greater Bolstering Armor
Items: Emerald Codex, Token of Remembrance, Magic Spyglass, Belt of Incredible Dexterity, Staff of Heaven and Earth
Allies: Mountaineer, Ayruzi, Charmed Red Dragon
Blessings: Blessing of Calistria, Blessing of Calistria, Blessing of Nethys, Blessing of Sarenrae, Blessing of Shelyn, Blessing of Erastil

Harsk basically helped others out thoughout the game. He would generally stay on his own to offer the d4 to combat checks and would occasionally join people to use healing spells. Never needed to use Raise Dead, so that always felt like a wasted deck slot.

Character Name: Seoni
Role Card: Celestial Sorcerer
Skill Feats: Dexterity +2, Charisma +4
Power Feats: +1 hand size, For your combat check, you may discard a card to roll your Arcane die +1d6 (+2) with the Fire (or Acid) trait..., You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell (or item)..., If you would fail a check by 1 you may bury..., Reduce Fire damage dealt to you by 1.
Card Feats: Spell +3, Iterm +3, Blessing +2
Weapons: N/A
Spells: Swipe, Sign of Wrath, Frost Ray, Lightning Bolt, Poison Blast, Summon Monster
Armors: N/A
Items: Amulet of Life, Sihedron Medallion, Sihedron Medallion, Necklace of Fireballs, Wand of Enervation, Robes of Xin-Shalast
Allies: Father Zantus, Pyromaniac Mage, Pyromaniac Mage, Shaman
Blessings: Blessing of Nethys, Blessing of Nethys, Blessing of Calistria, Blessing of Lamashtu, Blessing of Pharasma, Blessing of Norgorber, Blessing of Gozreh

For a long time did a lot of exploring again using blessings/allies and generally just destroyed whatever monster came Seoni's way with powerful spells. Helped us out by using Swipe to gain boons or Wand of Enervation to weaken banes too.

Character Name: Ezren
Role Card: Evoker
Skill Feats: Intelligence +4, Wisdom +2
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Add 2 to your check to recharge a card, Add 2 to your Arcance check with the Force (or Acid and Cold) (or Electricity and Fire) trait(s), Add 2 to your check to acquire a spell.
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +3, Armor +1, Item +3
Weapons: Shortspear +3, Shortspear +3
Spells: Speed, Poison Blast, Bewilder, Detect Magic, Scrying, Scorching Ray, Disintegrate, Disintegrate, Toxic Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Haste
Armors: Magic Shield
Items: Robe of Runes, Revelation Quill, Bracers of Greater Protection, Staff of Hungry Shadows, Sihedron Medallion, Sihedron Tome
Allies: Grizzled Mercenary, Sage, Toad
Blessings: N/A

Generally Ezren got through an arcance based location deck in a turn. Really useful for quickly dealing with decks.

A side note, a card that only just left but was immensely useful until the final scenario was the Holy Candle. Saved us on more than one occasion!

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Character Name: Merisiel
Role Card: Thief
Skill Feats: DEX+4, CONS+1, WIS+1
Power Feats: Weapon proficiency, sneak attack +4, Dexterity Recharge, +2 to noncombat check to close.
Card Feats: Weapon +2, Spell+1, Item +2, Ally +1 Blessing +2
Weapons: Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2 (x2), Returning Frost Spear +2, Force Sling +3
Spells: Major Cure
Armors: Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Shedron Medallion (x3), Wand of Enervation, Emerald Codex, Greater Luckstone, Ring of Energy Resistance, Boots of Elvenkind
Allies: Sage , Standard Bearer, Clockwork Librarian
Blessings: Blessing of Erastil (x5), Blessing of Gozreh

No Character deaths, No failed missions. After adventure deck 2 I started using party size of "2" or "3" when setting up locations and then proceed to have Merisiel solo them.

Should note that I used Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 from start to almost finish. Replaced it with force sling from scenario rewards of Assault on the Pinnacle (6d).

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