3D Printed Sihedron Amulet! [Spoilers]

Rise of the Runelords

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I dabble in 3D printing, and have been making various props for my party to have. I made up the Sihedron Amulet, and will be giving it to one of my PC's next week.

If you wanted to make your own Amulet, I've uploaded the file to Thingiverse. My one is currently unpainted for now.

Sihedron Amulet

That is fantastic! I wish I had thought of that back when we were in Burnt Offerings. That is a great idea for a prop.

That's so cool!

I'd love to have one of those, but lack access to a 3D printer. Pity; I just started a campaign, so the timing would be perfect.

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We could bribe him to ship us one.

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10/10 for cool. I don't suppose there's some online ordering shop where these could be on-demand printed?

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That is incredibly cool!

divineshadow wrote:
We could bribe him to ship us one.

If you really want something 3D printed, but don't have personal access to a printer, check out


You can get gold, silver, color plastic, sandstone, rubber and a lots of other types of prints from these guys. I once ordered a sample object (3 years ago) and it was of very high quality. No ridges or lines.

Imagine that, a set of 14k Gold Sihedron earings....

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