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Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

I'm sure others are discussing their issues & impressions of the UI, but I didn't see a thread dedicated to collecting them. Please add your comments on the UI.

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

The 'Large' UI scale was usable for me, but everything below that was too small and the 'Largest' setting caused UI elements to overlap and they didn't seem to be movable. A scale slider would probably be the best solution.
The attack skill popups were too transparent for me to read, since they popped over busy backgrounds.
The chat needs some adjustment settings too, both for transparency & font size.

The colours were dull, reminiscent of DDO, with a lot of brown and gold. Obviously this is subjective, but if the UI becomes skinnable, I'd like to see a theme with more of a stone & steel look than the wood & brass one.
The camera didn't move with the character when jumping, and this felt counterintuitive and less immersive.
Why can't I look upward, above my character?

Sometimes changing the screen resolution made everything go black and not recover. This didn't seem consistent, though trying to change it more than once in a single session seemed to make it more likely.
Sometimes changing the resolution would garble the toolbar, often accompanied by the textures on my avatar being replaced with what appeared to be a default of narrow black & white stripes.
Sometimes Esc worked to get out of the client when it was having such problems, sometimes Alt+Enter would allow me to go back to windowed mode and close it, and sometimes I had the Alt+Ctrl+Del and kill the process that way. On one of the latter cases, it was stuck for a few minutes trying to close until I did ACD again.

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Combat text seems to be anchored to the target, which makes it very difficult to read at range.

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The icons for stacks and conditions are hard to quickly see and interpret.

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- Sometimes numbers on the action bar switch to the upper row without alt pressed, usually after using menus. Pressing alt once restores them back.
- "Close window" button instantly quits the game and is very easy to accidentaly click cause it's right above hide/show quest button.
- Cursor covers part of the description pop-up and cant be moved without pop-up disappearing.

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Good crowdforging topic. Useful place for input. :)

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Changing out of windowed mode caused icon displacement and overlap problems.

Changing chat channels didn't seem to work, especially while in a group. Clicking directly on the channel tabs did not work. The in-game command only worked until entering a new hex.

Seeing the icons for conditions is very difficult.

Group UI dropped automatically when changing hexes (but the group did not disband). We had to /leave then /invite again to reform the group to allow the group-member health bars to appear.

Difficult to discern the cool-down of attack buttons (of course customization here would be nice).

Difficult to tell if clicking the switch-to-a-different-weapon-set actually worked; sometimes in my impatience I clicked it multiple times too many.

Of course being able to scale and move individual components will be wonderful!

Combat text can be challenging to tell if damage to you or damage to a mob.

In the inventory window, the filtering system will take time to get used to - but I had many auto-dropped items that were unknown if useful or not. I know itemization and encumbrance factors will improve this issue.

I'm hopeful that GW will develop a method for in-game feedback as well. Remembering specifics while not the game are not my forte! =)

A place to take notes would probably do the trick, really. Write it in, copy it later.

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The titles on the tooltips on the icons on the action bars from what I could see in the video were a bad color scheme and pretty unreadable. It may have been my color blindness or video quality, but bleh.

I tried to see if I could add some more prepositional phrases in there, but I'm pretty sure I've maxed that sentence out. It's not like I'm talking about the quarks in the protons in the atoms in the gas in the bubbles in the juice in the bottle in the bag in the box in the can down on the avenue.

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Need moar tangling particles as well. You know, in one ear, out the others.

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