yeah cause that bad...

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bad Russia, bad.

Shadow Lodge

The stilettos bit is at least logical. Good luck chasing criminals in heels.

Liberty's Edge

Considering that all the police women's duty uniforms I've ever encounterd (real uniforms, not costumes) where the same as the police men's uniforms other then some pattern differences, I'm surprised a modern nation has this issue.

It's not just police uniforms some of the Russian government is worried about.

Politician Seeks Ban on High Heels and Canvas Sneakers

Supposedly, in July it will become illegal to sell lace underwear. Russia has also recently passed laws prohibiting profanity in the arts, including mainstream movies, which will also supposedly take effect in July. Of course, the impression I have is that lots of ridiculous laws get passed, and then everyone treats them about the same way they treat traffic speed laws - breaks them and tries to avoid getting caught.

Shadow Lodge

Well, not everyone.

Wow. How is this even an issue? What police officer would even consider wearing heels and a skirt to work in? Things must be much more different for police in Russia than here in the States, because I'm a cop and I cannot fathom a female patrol officer trying to do her job with high heels and a skirt...

Silver Crusade

It's COLD in Russia*, how did that even come around in the first place?

Most Russians live in the warmer parts. Much like how Canada is settled.

In Moscow, it can get up to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And down to the negative 40s.

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