Ladies and Gentlemen of PSGLOP, I need your help.

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The Goal:
Getting Trade Prince Ji Kwon Wu (Monk of the Healing Hand) to level 9.2 by July 31st, and then getting him 4 more XP between August 1st and the afternoon of August 7th.

Yes, I understand that secondary goal won't really be easy for me... but there is a purpose behind it.

Trade Prince Ji Kwon Wu will be participating in Race for the Runecarved Key on August 9th at The Houston Con here in Houston, TX. If I time things right, Ji Kwon Wu will get his final XP after finishing the race, and join the Seeker Tier. I want to send him into Seeker Tier in style...

So, if any of you are running games I haven't played in between now and July 31st that can accomadate a (currently) level 7 monk, please let me know if you have a spot for me.

Current things I have access too: Roll20, Teamspeak, Skype, Google Plus (even though I despise it)

Things I will be willing to download if you don't use Roll20: Yes.

Please let me know.
I can be reached at

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