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...aaaaand here's a link to watch him!

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Highlight of the night: Taking advantage of the character reset! Normally tonight, when you logoff/logon, you lose everything (items, achievements, feats, etc) and regain all your XP due (1000+normal XP for character age).

It turns out if you have a fast enough computer, you can logoff/logon super-crazy-fast, and this will reset the XP (I get the 1000+ XP again - around 1800 for me when I stopped playing tonight), but it does NOT reset your feats purchased (well, it resets a couple of them sometimes...). It tends to reset your achievements sometimes, and of all your items are always reset. But the main bug is that you can keep spending XP, relog, and spend the XP again on the next level of stuff. I was Rogue 4 before the end of the night with rank-two bow attacks and some other ridiculous feats included.

Here's a good screenshot of some of the things I was able to train. Note that the "Rogue 3" on the character sheet is actually Rogue 4 (character sheet is somewhat broken that way). "Lightning reflexes 2" alone costs something like 1750 XP.

If you take just slightly too long to reload - even if I fumbled my password ONCE and tried again - it would reset everything again. The time limit is somewhere around 8 or 9 seconds from logout to getting back into the game completely (including typing password and selecting character). Any longer, and it resets all those feats.

Oddly enough, if I was TOO quick to relog, then I would not be granted the XP bonus again (it would stay the same as what I had before I logged off).


Now, theoretically none of this matters, because they have apparently identified and squashed the "reset" bug. Tomorrow's client download should fix this completely. Nonetheless, I do want to point out his bug very detailed (bug report already submitted, but can't attach screenies and this long of a description), so that this sort of bug doesn't happen again and can't be abused in the future (if even remotely possible).

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I noticed in your video that when you purchased 4 ranks of "Hitpoints" (from 1 to 5) your HP went up from 400 to 560.

XP cost increased exponentially, I think rank 4 to 5 cost you 178xp. Would be nice to know how much xp those last ranks would cost (18-20?).

Thanks for the streams!

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