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Pg. 3 - Traits in the rules index

4 traits are mentioned as being on pages 16 and 17 in this book, but they are absent (and assumed to be cut). Arcane Sleuth, Forestall the Wicked, Haunt Breaker, and Preternatural Awareness are not detailed anywhere.

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Pg. 29 - Lifecollar coat

This magic armor says it takes up both the chest and neck slots. This is extremely unusual. The neck slot feature is understandable, and explained thoroughly in the item's description. What's strange is it saying it takes up the chest slot. Armor takes up its own unique slot on the body, while the "chest" slot is more reserved for magic shirts and the like. It should probably say it takes up the armor and neck slots.

I could see someone trying to argue that being a magic armored coat, a piece of armor that you can actually drape over other armor, that's why it takes up the chest slot. That doesn't really matter, as an armored coat is still technically armor, and if that were the case mundane armored coat description in Ultimate Equipment would have to say that this armor occupies the chest slot (and if you really wanted to nit pick, an item that goes OVER a set of armor would take up the body slot, while the chest slot is reserved for stuff that goes UNDERNEATH your armor).

If I'm wrong, then does that mean that this item actually takes up three slots (armor, chest, neck)?

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Pg. 15 - Necrosalt

This alchemical weapon is described as being a splash weapon, but its description doesn't mention what happens to creatures caught in its splash radius. Is the listed damage actually intended for both the primary target AND the splash targets? If so, is that the reason why its range increment is only half that of other splash weapons, to balance out the fact that its damage is just as potent to adjacent targets?

So two-part question, I guess: 1) What happens to splashed targets, and 2) why is its range increment so small?

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Pg. 18
"Unseen Revealed (Ex): At 1st level, a roaming exorcist gains a bonus equal to 1/2 her cleric level (minimum +1) on Perception checks to detect haunts and incorporeal creatures and on Sense Motive checks to determine whether a creature is possessed, under the effects of an enchantment or curse, or otherwise magically controlled."

This should probably read "on Perception, Know Religion, and Notice Checks to Detect Haunts" Not all notice checks for Haunts are Perception, but you should get a Know Religion and specified Notice Check regardless.

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bump regarding missing traits

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strangepork wrote:
bump regarding missing traits

Traits were deliberately removed. Just forgot to update the index.

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