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Hi there,

Ive recently been running a game of pathfinder over roll20, and love it as it takes the geographical issues and some time constraints out of the picture, allowing me to play with my friends, both IRL and online.
Recently roll20 released a complete module suited for the pathfinder ruleset for $10, so i brought it to see what it was like and it was great, a step above anything ive created so far. it was layed out nice and were i to run a game using this module, would have saved me hours of setup time, all that was left to do was read up on that adventure.

My question is, would Paizo be open to the idea of building and releasing pre-built module/adventure packs over Roll20?
i realise there are all kinds of issues in order to do this, and i would guess some kind of contract would have to be formed with the 2 companies, but there is a real opportunity here for both parties involved.

im also interested in the opinions of the populous, so please share :)

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If I were to hazard a guess, it would be "no."

Paizo is in the process of developing its own competing VTT, Paizo Game Space. It's been in closed beta for about two years now.

I am bumping this post, as things have definitely changed. Paizo did partner up with ( roll20) and does now sell official PF adventure modules. Also, there are several community modules for sale now that feature the OGL Pathfinder Rules. I think the VTT is terrific for our hobby and personally prefer roll20 to anything out there. They do a great job of listening to suggestions and acting upon them. In fact, I came to PF and the VTT at the same time, developing my own module (*) as roll20 was adding newer and better features.

(*) _Seven Days at Ranger Fort_ is currently available exclusively for the virtual tabletop at We are trying to bring more Pathfinder players to the VTT while attracting more D&D players (from the VTT) to awesomeness that is Pathfinder. Please consider buying a copy to support our efforts:

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Aw, this makes me happy to see! I'm glad you're enjoying Roll20, and especially happy to see you creating your own adventure for it! It looks incredibly thorough and very cool.

On our side, we're trucking along on more official Pathfinder content. We released the Bestiary (1) back in September, along with Pathfinder compatibility for the Charactermancer. Next up we've got an Adventure Path coming, but I can't say which one just yet. :D

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