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When you take the adopted trait, does it also grant you a free trait from your adoptive parentage?

So, if I would normally have two traits, what could I have at first level:

1: Adopted (Human; Harrow Chosen)
2: Defender of the Society


1: Adopted (Human)
2: Harrow Chosen

I can't interpret which way the trait is meant to be used.


It's the first option, assuming all those actually work together, as I'm not sure what the traits are themselves (i.e. none of them can be social traits as Adopted uses up your one chance at a social trait).

Once you take the Adopted Trait, you then get to pick a racial trait that you don't normally have access to as if you were raised by that race. So you would have something like:

1a. Adopted (Social)
1b. Helpful (Halfling)
2. Fate's Favored (Faith)

Edit: as Sniggevert says. :)

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

Excellent! Thanks for helping clear that up so fast, guys! I really appreciate it.


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I concur with Sniggevert and Elbedor as well.

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