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Name: Eastern Sun

Alignment: True Neutral

Patron Deity: none

Motto: We have a Plan! (deutschsprachige Gilde)

Website: pfo.easternsun.de
Join Eastern Sun!

We are a german speaking community established more than 10 years ago. If you’re looking for a german speaking Pathfinder Online Community, stop searching! We’re the only one at this time! To contact us, use our forums: www.easternsun.de/forum/viewforum.php?=93 (it’s also perfectly fine to write in English there).

We will found the settlement „Bernstein“ (German for „Amber“) and focus on trading and crafting.

To join Eastern Sun, you need to be able to write/speak and understand German.

One of our goals is to establish a network for all German speaking Players in Pathfinder online, regardless of joining Eastern Sun in game or not. And in the best case, to give the German speaking community one voice (that matters).

Settlement: Bernstein

We like to found a Settlement that is focused on trading and crafting. We don’t want conquer other people‘s land, we want to buy it! We want Bernstein to be a peaceful place for all traders and crafters, regardless of their alignment or wars they fight and fought anywhere else. We’re looking for cg’s and individuals who share our vision of a profitable neutral settlement where the lawfull good paladin and the chaotic evil necromancer could drink a beer in the same tavern, as long as they pay for it.

For the people of Bernstein it is not necessary to speak German (this is only a need for Eastern Sun application).

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Moin moin,

habt ihr Ts oder mumble das man besuchen könnte?

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Wir verwenden TS3, aktuell tut sich da pfo mäßig aber noch nichts. Wir können allerdings gern mal ein bisschen plaudern. Am besten einfach bei uns im Forum anmelden und wir machen uns nen Termin aus.

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Welcome, Bernstein and Eastern Sun!

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Welcome to the boards. *waves*

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I've added this thread to the Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links list. If you have a brief description you'd like to appear there to let people know about your guild while they're browsing that list, please PM me.

The Seventh Veil welcomes you to the community.

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Thank you all for the welcome here. I'll answer the pms tomorrow and to this thread as soon as i see questions.

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Welcome! I'll come crash in Bernstein for sure, some time.

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Hello to Bernstein!

Nice to see you on the forums!

Viel Glück im Landrush!

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Welcome Eastern Sun!

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Yes, Welcome!

Best wishes for the Land Rush. :)

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Well known faces show up here! Great! Thank you for the welcome and the 'Hello!' via our forums.

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Hallo Bernstein

Wir begrüssen Euch als Gäste gerne in der Emerald Lodge. Momentan sollten wir mindestens 4 deutschsprachige Spieler haben.
Dabei zähle ich nicht unsere holländische Mitglieder die genug Deutsch verstehen.
Ja - ich bin einer der 4 - aber ich wohne jetzt in England.

Viel Glück im Spiel


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Hallilhallo, schön das ihr jetzt auch ier aktiv werdet:)

Ich schließe mich gerne meinen Vorrednern an und wünsche euch viel Erfolg im Landrush.

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Vielen Dank!
Das Oktoberfest wird dann wohl in Bernstein veranstaltet :-)

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