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Clearly, this isn't for those who like the 'take 10' rule the way it is. However, some people don't like that rule, many of them for one of two reasons:

Some don't like the way things basically flip from '50% failure chance', which might not seem like especially competent, to 'almost guaranteed success', with the gain of a single point of skill bonus. Others are just disappointed because, while they'd like to succeed more regularly than rolling a d20 on something they're good at, they really like rolling dice and don't get to roll them when taking 10 (I haven't seen this on the boards, but I've heard it from at least three players in various games).

A fix I've used, fairly successfully, has been to say that, in circumstances where you could normally take 10, you instead roll 3d6.

Where you'd just barely succeed at taking 10, or have a 55% chance of succeeding if you roll a d20, you have about a 61% chance of success with "take 3d6". Another point of bonus raises that to 74%, a third more brings it to 84%, a fourth to 91%, and a fifth to 95%.

Anyone else used something like this? In any case, hope it's fun for somebody.

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