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Pathfinder Online

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ElyasRavenwood wrote:
a new round started with the paladin at the top of the initiative.

I have a house rule that I have used for years now when I GM, that if a character has negative HP and is unconscious they go last on the initiative count since they are out of the fight. I think I made this rule due to a similar situation where a character was going at the top of the round and would have died, so I made this rule up on the spot to let his companions have a chance to save him. Just throwing it out there as an idea for other GMs to use.

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I realize off of the current discussion, but linked to original post...I did play LOTRO yesterday. I enjoyed it very much. I haven't completely figured out my 7th level powers yet, but I'm sure I will when I have the chance to fiddle around with them. (I was playing a hobbit and Sewicked was playing a human, so mostly I was having to run everywhere to keep up with her!) And I did actually spend quite some time practicing how to take things in and out of my pack and examining new item stats vs old item stats to figure out how all of that worked. Having figured it out there, hopefully the same sort of process in PFO will be much easier. So-definitely helpful. Thanks, all, for this thread. :)

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Zodd Zerker,
Thank you that sounds like an excellent idea, letting an unconscious PC who is at negative HP go last in a round. I think I may just steal this idea from you and incorporate it into my games.

Again thanks,

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ElyasRavenwood wrote:
Lord Regent: Deacon Wulf wrote:

When playing the Table-top has your group ever run into bandits? The only difference between Pathfinder Online and Pathfinder PnP is that the bandits are players as well.

In addition: That evil cult trying to resurrect the Whispering Tyrant? Yea, those are players as well.

Lord Regent, Thank you for taking the time to answer my concerns.

However, to me, the other bandits being other players, instead of NPCs makes a world of difference.

I have found, the few times there has been PVP, in a home table top game, this has more often then not resulted in one of the players, (usually the one with the evilly aligned character, getting defeated, and hurt upset feelings follow. Usually this is the pre curser to a player either leaving or being booted from a group.

When I have either ran the monsters for my GM, or had a player run my monsters, they are much more competative with the other players and in short, the player often goes for the PCs Jugular.

Let me give you an example of how I think a GM would handle things as opposed to a player.** spoiler omitted **...

I'm not here to make judgement calls on the DMing style of other people.

So I will talk about the example itself though.
Regarding player Death:
I probably would have done the same thing, based upon the emotional state of the player behind the character.
But! PFO is a video game, there will be no exaggerations of rules. things will be hard coded into the game.

You listed something beautifully in the example. Teamwork.
The thing that you may not have considered, is that there will be a team performing the same amount of teamwork on the other side. A competitive environment is nothing new to anyone. You wanted to excel in school? You applied the effort. Do you want the promotion? Then you are competing with the same people you work with.

Teamwork is a beautiful thing, and there will be teamwork and cooperation throughout Pathfinder Online. It will just be a competitive setting. Where teams are pitted against each other mentally, socially, and physically(Well their Avatar is competing physically) for the best access to resources, fame, and content.

When running a group of players in a game, you are saying these individuals are heroic and destined for greatness. They may be the only group destined for such in a tabletop setting, but in PFO there is a verifiable army of people destined for greatness. Some will give up and fall short of achieving that destiny, while others will do their very best to achieve greatness.

The NpCs in PFO:
They aren't run by the DM. If that Fire Beetle did not have a way to Taunt or Goad the enemy, then the NpC scorpion would have continued to attack the paladin.

The Players in Tabletop and PFO:
Sentient beings in the TT in General should always behave in a way that makes them seem realistic. A Bandit may just go to knock a player unconscious so that he can move on to his next target, but he will always act in his own best interest. If an assassin on contract to kill the paladin just rendered him unconscious, he would finish the deed and attempt to escape with his life. Focusing the paladin down unto death before fleeing.

Players are the same way. They are going to do what is in the best interest of themselves and those they care about.

I have had my TableTop experiences cheapened by a DM saving me for no reason. Sometimes its good to learn a lesson and gain experience from it, rather than being given something you don't deserve because you did not earn it.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Shane Gifford of Fidelis wrote:
If you're a reasonably coordinated person then you'll be fine.

Sadly, I'm not.

If I could back up a bit, I'd hopefully go "What are you thinking" and be busy doing something else right now with my money.

Again. My mistake, and I'm freely owning it. We'll see if the surgery expected in 18 months to correct the trigger finger that denies most motion in my left index finger changes anything.

You may wish to look into a game controller. They almost exclusively use the left hand. Training a little muscle memory isn't hard. You may even like using it rather than the mouse.

~edit~ sorry I assumed your trigger finger would be on your right hand. Shame on me.

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