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I'm brand-new to Pathfinder and am having difficulty fully understanding the "half" race characteristics. From what I've read I understand, specifically speaking Half Elf, that they are multitalinted in that they have two favored classes at lvl 1. What becomes confusing to me is how that plays out in creating a character. So here are the questions I have:

1) A. When selecting the 2nd favored class as a lvl 1 character is the 2nd class a lvl 0 and not active until you become a lvl 2 or do they both start out as lvl 1 classes and it's just "known" that the character is a lvl 1? After reading into the Multiclassing rule that is how it reads (i.e. A lvl 2 fighter has a lvl 1 class fighter and a lvl 1 class rogue).
B. If both classes are active lvl 1's as a lvl 1 character how do you determine which features, skills, Hit Die, ect. (basically the general info upon class creation) to use?

2) When selecting the 2nd favored class do you get the skills, skill points added in on top of the first (knowing that misc. bonus doesn't stack)?

3) Upon starting a game, as a lvl 1, a declared favored class is the one that is levled and would remain so through the duration of the character, or is it that at the end of the game the declared favored class gets to level up, but at the end of another game you can level up the other class if it were declared?

Sorry if this is a repeat from someone else, but I've gotten lost in all of the forums and youtube videos and seem to have confused myself.

Here's how it works --
At creation, you pick two classes to be your favored classes. You don't actually have to have levels in either.

When you gain a level in either of those two classes, you can choose to gain one additional HP, one additional skill point, or special racial favored class bonus.

That's it.

Half Elves are considered to be a particularly versatile and well rounded individual. The second favored class suggests that they more smoothly adapt to varied skill sets. You never benefit from this particular trait unless you multiclass. The choice of a second favored class, even if made at first level, never matters unless you multiclass with it later.

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1) Every time your character gains a level, you choose a class and gain the level in that class. If the class you choose is ALSO on your list of favored classes, then you gain the benefits appropriate for that favored class. Most races other than half-elf have only one favored class on that list, but there are ways (such as a feat) to get more.

2) When you create the character at level 1, assuming the class you choose for your first level is one of your favored classes, you get the bonus for that class (only). You do not get the bonus for the class that you did not choose, even if it is also a favored class.

3) As 1. Each time you gain a level, you choose a class for that level. You only get a bonus if that class is one of your two favored classes. The bonus you get is the one for that level, not both bonuses.

See Racial Favored Classes

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So what I've gathered from you all is that even though the core book states Half Elves: "Multitalented: Half-elves choose two favored classes at first level and gain +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in either one of those classes..." I would declare favor into one class and from there build. The second class that is chosen brings no benefits, either in skills or skill points, or anything for that matter, as I build the new character unless later I decide to multiclass the character?

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Because you only have 1 level in 1 class at character level 1, a half-elf's second favorite class gives him no benefit until such time as he takes a level in that second class.

Your favored classes are one of the most minor aspects of a character. Upon creation a half elf declares two classes to be his favored classes, you do not have to actually take any levels in these classes, but if you do you receive a tiny bonus.

A half elf doesnt get anything extra at first level.

SlimGauge, I appreciate you helping me out on this very much. One last question, is there a real advantage to being "multitalinted" vs. not especially when it comes to later multiclassing? From what it seems there is no real advantage other then the possibility that if you choose later to multiclass it would be easier because you have already decided which second class will benefit you best along with the skills, feats, ect.

Scratch that everyone I just figured it out. Much appreciated to everyone with your responses.

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