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In effort to not further derail FMS's post I started this.

You mentioned NC's NAP. I'm assuming UNC has agreed to this. I also assume NAP stands for Non-Aggression Pact. If those are true my ultimate question is did UNC require all the members of the NC to sign a contract with them to not SAD or otherwise be aggressive toward them?

Was wondering how that part was worked out. I don't frequent these forums much preferring to stay in my own little corner of the PFO world.

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This might be more appropriate in the UNC Policy Discussion Thread.

The pact is not preventing any form of aggression, just large-scale attacks on PoIs and the sort. Little skirmishes will likely go under the radar. Of course, I don't speak for Freevale, and all this will be revisited after EE to determine whether it's viable for all parties.

Just making that little clarification.

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I responded in the UNC policy thread as I didn't see this thread until afterwards. Not that I mind having my own thread, in the future, a PM would be more appropriate if a question is directly addressed to a person.

Besides, I always work through a "3rd" party. Safer for all my clients. :-)

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Nihimon wrote:
This might be more appropriate in the UNC Policy Discussion Thread.

He is fine posting a new thread. Hell everyone else is doing it...

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Kobold, if Nc members are your frequent targets there will be problems, of this I assure you.

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Chaotics signing contracts? WUT?

In the role roleplay field do not work that way. It will work, more or less, this way:


The big chief holding a 6 feet Sword in one hand, will ask the caravaneer some monetaries advantages, and after paying will shout to her band:
"GIRLS, this woman is able to pass through our lands unharmed, the one who touch her will be impaled"

When the MALE caravaneer will try to argue:
"Chief, I'm not a woman."

The chief will look top to button and say (not shouting, so not anyone will hear):
"Pathetic! Our women are stronger than you. Do you need to contract them to protect your caravan?"

Everyone laughs. The chief will rise the price for protection and will send the womens as guards to prove your weakness. If you don't agree will rob you anyway while you go away.


I guess we will have been in contact to keep everyone informed about any provisory NAP. The permanent ones will be well-know by everyone...

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