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I have tried to place an order this morning and I have either ordered the same things 5-6 times or the store is broken and not placing the order. I can’t tell.
When I confirm the order it goes to a blank page and then dumps me back to my shopping cart with all the things I ordered still in it.
I sent an email to customer service, but got no reply

I have tried on different computers in different locations on different networks and internet providers so it shouldn't be a firewall or other issue on my end.

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Black Pharaoh wrote:
I have tried on different computers in different locations on different networks and internet providers so it shouldn't be a firewall or other issue on my end.

I have a similar, but not exactly the same issue. I've tried multiple times to order some items, but each time I try to 'proceed to checkout' from the shopping cart, it takes quite a while to load the next page, which then asks me to log in (even though I'm already logged in). Then it dumps me back to the last product page. This happens over and over. Once it doubled the numbers for each item, and once it lost all the items. But I never get to the point of being able to check out. I've tried several different browsers, so it's apparently not a browser issue.

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Hello Black Pharaoh,

I've just sent you an email about this matter, which you should be receiving shortly. Please let me know if there are any further questions or concerns I can help you out with.


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Hello William,

I have also looked into your order. Seems like our system is just being stubborn. I have moved the physical items into order #3163838, which you should be able to see in the Order History of your account. Please feel free to look it over and make sure that everything looks correct. If anything needs to be changed, please let me know and I'd be glad to assist you further.


Hi, I seem to be stuck in a similar loop. I click on proceed to checkout, then it asks for my password, i enter the password and back to the front page. It just loops like this.

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I, too, am having this issue. I'm stuck in the same loop as that mentioned above.

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I too am still having this issue -- for two days

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Currently seeing this issue as well. I'm attempting to order five PDF files and four physical items. Multiple browsers have been tried and it either hangs (Chrome, Firefox, IE) or I'm just stuck in a sign in loop ever time I try to proceed to check out from the shopping cart (Safari).

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Add me to the list.

Same issue. Proceed to Checkout, long loadtime, re-login and dumped to homepage.

Would love to make a purchase :)

I too have this issue. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't buy so much Paizo stuff :)

I recieved my order but I still don't have the downloads. Can you make sure I am on the list to get them as you fix things.

I have been having the same issue for a few days now. I sent an email to customer service and received absolutely no response. When I called yesterday I was told that they were working on the issue and that they had no idea when the issue would be fixed. I was also told that they could not take orders over the phone as their side of the order system was not working either.

I have to say I am extremely disappointed that it is taking so long to correct this problem and that the customer service I have received is pretty poor. I was very much looking forward to getting all of the Emerald Spire books, mats and cards for this weekend as there was a special reason for it but it is clear that will not happen.

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I'm very sorry we are still having these problems. We working on getting things fixed, but it's taking longer than was anticipated.

Feel free to keep an eye on progress and updates here: DFs

Additionally, please note that we are trying to help everyone where we can, as quickly as we can. However, CS is a small team, and for a variety of reasons, we have a been experiencing an unusually high volume of emails and other inquires. It is, and will, take us some time to get caught up. We are very sorry for any inconvenience. We appreciate your patience as we work through things.

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