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I'd like someone to take a look at my subscriptions, and see what's up with them. The payment was originally denied, but I've since resolved that issue.

My subscriptions page also says I'm queued up for Occult Mysteries and the Harrow Handbook (I should be getting two comp copies of this, and confirmation on that would be nice too!), which I don't need either of. If you could cancel those two, and reprocess the order, that'd be appreciated!


Customer Service Representative

Looks like the card may still be having some issues, but we are not getting a specific reason as to why. If you would like email us the last 4 digits of the preferred card, we may be able to look into things further.

The Occult Mysteries and Harrow Handbook are display issues that should be worked out soon.
You are on a list for contributor copies for those, which should be shipped sometime in the future. Unfortunately, we are are a bit behind with everything right now, but should get that taken care of as soon as we can.


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