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I am breaking this out from a conversation in a different thread because I do think it might actually be a really good idea. The idea here is to focus the rogue on a concept that moves it away from the thematic space that is now effectively occupied by the slayer, swashbuckler, investigator, and ninja.

One of the ideas is to focus on being the dirty rotten trickster. Hence an archetype that focuses on the dirty trick maneuver. Please note that this is almost certainly a powerup for the rogue. The fact that he would be able to provide his own circumstances for sneak attack (blinding) along with some pretty serious debilitating conditions means that a rogue with this archetype will we far more combat effective then a normal rogue. Thats intentional. How much of a power increase it is, or should be is ofcourse where playtesting and critical examination comes in.

Lethal Trickster

Sometimes, you just have to fight dirty. Lethal tricksters are experts at improvising ways of debilitating their enemies. With a slash of a knife, a toss of dirt in the eyes, or a blow to an unmentionable area, the Lethal Trickster never fights on an even footing.

Dirty Trick Pool(Ex):
The Lethal Trickster is truely exceptional at dastardly tricks. At first level, when using the dirty trick combat maneuver he can spend 1 point from his dirty trick pool to extend the duration of the condition imposed by dirty trick by a number of rounds equal to his intelligence modifier. She has a number of dirty trick pool points equal to 3 plus his intelligence modifier. This ability Replaces Trapfinding

Dirty Fighting:
At first level a Lethal Trickster recieves the improved dirty trick feat as a bonus feat. In addition, when using the dirty trick combat maneuver the rogue uses her rogue level, in place of her base attack bonus when determining her combat maneuver bonus. Base attack bonuses granted from other classes are unaffected and are added normally.

At 6th level the Lethal Trickster gains Greater Dirty Trick as a bonus feat. This ability Replaces Trap Sense.

New Rogue Talents
Combined trick(EX): The rogue with this trick can spend a point from his dirty trick pool to grant an additional negative condition upon a successful dirty trick combat maneuver. The duration for both conditions is reduced by 1 round (minimum 1 round). A rogue must be at least 8th level to take this talent and have the dirty trick pool class feature.

Smart Tricks(Ex): The rogue can use his intelligence modifier in place of his strength modifier when using the dirty trick maneuver.

A rogue with this talent gains the trapfinding class feature.
Its kind of rediculous that this isnt already a rogue talent. So many archetypes trade away trapfinding despite it being an iconic rogue ability. So I am adding it back in for the purpose of this archetype, since I dont want to remove such an ability from the rogue completely, but trap finding was about the only sensible thing to take out at 1st level as part of the archetype

Advanced Talents:

Brutal Trick:
The rogues tricks are particularly vicious. Upon a succeful combat maneuver check for the dirty trick maneuver the rogue may spend 2 points from his dirty trick pool to make the condition semipermanent. In addition to extending the duration of the condition by his intelligance modifier, after that, the condition remains until the target is the subject of a dc 15 heal check, or recieves magical healing. Neither the heal check nor magical healing can remove the condition prior to its initial duration. A rogue must have the Dirty Trick Pool class feature to take this talent.

Sneaky Tick*:
Once per round, upon the successful delivery of a sneak attack, once per round the rogue may make a free Dirty Trick Combat Maneuver check against the target.

I like this concept, though I'd wish it was available for multiple combat maneuver options, as I stated in the previous thread.

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Disciple of Sakura wrote:
I like this concept, though I'd wish it was available for multiple combat maneuver options, as I stated in the previous thread.

I am not sure the other combat maneuvers are in theme. Disarm for instance would (in my mind) be more thematically tied to a swashbuckler then the dastardly rogue. Same thing for the majority of the other combat maneuvers. Everything except maybe steal and reposition? Perhaps I could add talents to include steal and reposition into the mix? Do really see a rogue thematically being an expert grappler or bullrusher?

I like it, and I could definitely see steal, grappling, and reposition as a part of the rogue's skill set. Grapple does promote the close and dirty fighting of the iconic thief.

An example of a rogue of this sort is Jason Bourne. His skill set up close would work well with this build.

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