I thought it only polite . .


Scarab Sages

After many long months of study inside the Grand Lodge, I present myself to you, the sons and daughters of Osirion, as among your newest operatives. I am but a humble story teller, gatherer of secrets, and worshiper of Sarenrae. Please do not hesitate to call upon me should the need arise.

I would take longer to introduce myself but I find myself engaged in a series of missions inside Osirion, near the town of Eto.

Be well, and journey safe.

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Yes, I too tried to escape the desert. Somehow I keep ending up back in the wastelands. Honestly I'm an Undine, water touched..get me out of the desert! Send me on that Confirmation thingy...yes water or even underwater no worries. I'm dying of thirst here.

Scarab Sages

Just d.d.d.on't hav'em send ya to Bonekeep! I swear those venture captains want me dead.

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You win at cards too much. Start losing to the VC's and you'll stay out of the (lets off these suckers before we pay our gambling debts) pile.

Scarab Sages

I thought they like me when I was done studying and was comissioned and they sent me to a caenivale, but it was full of death! They sent me to the diamond city being razed by demons! They sent me to bonekeep TWICE! They hate me and want me to die. *sniff* *sniff*

Scarab Sages

Welcome Sister, I am Rahtotep, Son of Azir in Rahadoum but also friend to the Osirion people.

I am nearing the end of my time with the society for my studies call me back to teach what I have learned.

You are about to embark on something truly special. Whilst I read with Alarm that you follow Sarenrae (she who helped the Qadirans enslave your people and in doing so made your own gods fall ito neglect), I cannot but help admire the determination in that voice you wield.

Do not be afraid to contact me if you seek advice or help. Whilst I am no Sapphire Sage , I have knowledge that might assist you in future endeavors.

Sage of Azir

Scarab Sages

I too present myself as a humble retainer to the Ruby Prince's current and future interests.

While I hail from lands to the south of Osirion I hope to act as an envoy and courier of goodwill between your country and my home city of Solku. Admittedly the keleshites normally prove to be somewhat difficult to deal with, Solku is an exception to their rule.

Hopefully we will one day find ourselves independent of their oversight, but until such time I endeavor to make myself useful to your cause and the peoples of Garund.

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