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It's strange that I get to announce one of these, it feels like I was getting my 5th star just yesterday, but nevertheless it's still my great pleasure to announce that Steven Huffstutler has earned his 5th star!


And when I say earned, I mean earned.

Since he started as my VL in December of 2012, Steven's attended RadCon, MisCon, PaizoCon, PAX, and GenCon, as well as participated in numerous events online. He's organized 2 to 3 tables every game night, for two nights a week for the last two and a half years. That's roughly 250 tables of PFS alone that have been set up because of Steven. He's also run 150+ of those himself. He has GM'd 34 times in the last 6 months, meaning that he GMs PFS at least once a week. This is in addition to running my homebrew game of Rise of the Runelords. Steven has also organized our Toys for Tots annual winter collection for the last two years, which has allowed our community to give back to those in need.

Aside from all his work as a VO, Steven is also an outstanding GM. He's a master of system mastery and keeps the pace of even the longest fights quick and engaging. He is able to stay in character through posturing, attitude, and accent, and brings that rare quality of awesome to the tables he runs. As a player, I'm consistently impressed by Steven's ability as a GM, and how he's able to draw from a seemingly limitless reservoir of Golarion lore that bring his games to life.

I thought about asking around and getting other players and GMs to email me what they thought of Steven or any experiences they've had with him. But since a majority of them already post on these forums, I'm instead going to let them chime in with their Steven stories.

So Steven, let me just say thanks for all you do and all you're going to do, and I hope you don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thank you!

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Congrats my friend! Keep on make believin' big guy! >:)

Sczarni 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Washington—Pullman aka Coraith

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The very best tables I've sat at have been piloted by Walter and Kyle. I strive to be such an example to others as they have been to me. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Sovereign Court 5/5

Congrats Steve! I am very thankful to have such a hard worker involved in my local PFS. Steve is very enjoyable to have at the table either as a player or a GM. It is much easier to get into and stay into character with Steve at the table as he is such an excellent rollplayer.

I also know that if I ever have questions that Steve is there to help.
Thank you Steve for being such a pillar in our PFS community and congratulations on your well deserved 5th star!

The Exchange

Great job Steve...I too have always enjoyed sitting at your table or having you as one of the adventures...keep up the great work

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Steve, Congratulations and well deserved!!!

My first time meeting Steve, at the table, was during Winterfest 2012. He was the GM for both Goblinblood Dead and Ice Bound Outpost. Ice Bound Outpost was my very first mission failure as a result of a "slice first ask questions later" attitude from my Sword Saint. Even though the mission was a failure, I still enjoyed it and talk about it even to this day in a positive light.

When I was organizing Spocon 2013, Steve was instrumental in providing guidance on the aspects of convention set up as this was my very first. His organization of Radcon 2013, was the inspiration for my taking on Spocon and eventually becoming a VL myself.

My players in Spokane love hitting me with things that are a little "off the wall" and he got to experience that first hand as a table GM for Blood Under Absalom. With that system knowledge Walter mentioned, he has been able to help me out of those tricky situations.

Congratulations once again Steve and you have my thanks!!

In the next few months, I will be making my way to Pullman and then (hopefully) to being the 3rd five start GM in Eastern Washington.

Grand Lodge

Congrats! If you're ever down near Portland OR let me know. I want the Steven Huffstutler experience.

Lantern Lodge

Congratulations Steven.

Scarab Sages 5/5 RPG Superstar 2015 Top 16

congradulations! Thanks for your contributions to the PFS campaign.

Congratulations Big Steve!

Thanks for all of your hard work :)

Venture-Agent, Canada—Ontario—Ottawa aka Mistwalker


Liberty's Edge 5/5


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er, I mean... YAAAAAAAAAY!

Shadow Lodge

When I talk about our chat room talking Pathfinder 24/7, a goodly part of that is thanks to Steven. I'm not joking, I don't even know how he manages to find something new to bring up when I get home from work, or at 3am in the morning, or when he finds time to sleep!

And now I find out he's also running 250 games.

GG Steven :o)

Shadow Lodge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

Congratulations on your achievement and your ascension to 5-star status.

A collection team has been dispatched to extract you to 5-star 'island'. All recording devices in your vicinity will be deactivated as a precaution immediately prior to your extraction.

Please make sure to read the briefing packet for you in your suite. If you have any unique skills please notify us.

At the moment we are looking for individuals with experience operating with non-terrestrial entities or anyone that knows how to construct and maintain continuous abjuration constructs. Also let us know if you have ever worked as a systems administrator or at the DMV.

Welcome to the group!

Grand Lodge

Excellent! Congratulations. :)

5/5 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Diego aka RAdeMorris

Congratulations Steven. It was a blast having you help out with RadCon 6B this year.

Silver Crusade

Congrats! Too bad you're not on the other side of the mountains. It would be awesome having you a little more westward. ;)

The Exchange

Welcome to The Island, Steven! Took you long enough ;)

Grand Lodge

Wooooo! Congrats, Steven!

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Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Northeast aka Thamius

Congrats and welcome, Steve!

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A well deserved [belated] congrats Steven!

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