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Just got my sub order email, and it looks like it isn't showing the 12th Anniversary discount. Could somebody take a look?

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(Anniversary discount is, of course for things included from sidecart.)

I alao just noticed that my KS Print Pack Emerald Spire book is not listed in the order itself, but is listed in my sidecart. The other KS rewards are listed in the order as expected.

Customer Service Representative

I've given things several kicks.

Please note that the May14 discount has been applied manually for all eligible items.

The Kickstarter stuff has been moved to a separate order.

You should get 2 emails confirming the updated order information.

If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


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Just saw the emails. Thanks!!!

As always, I'm very happy with Paizo's Customer Service, and very impressed with your helpfulness! This month, especially, though, I do not envy you your jobs. 8^)

Never stop being awesome!

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Could I ask somebody to take another look at this order? I just noticed a couple oddities...

There's a "Payment authorization" listed for my credit card. Could you please make sure any additional payments required come off my store credit?

There's a red line saying, "Line item not ready for shipping: ("Is already on picklist.")" This could be from the "Munchkin Holiday Surprise" item that was previously showing in my sidecart, and is currently listed as Unavailable on it's product page. Please cancel this item, so it doesn't hold up the rest of the order.

Paizo Employee Paizo Customer Service Algorithm

Hey again Arazyr,

I just reviewed the order and its set to use your store credit. If you do see it trying to charge your card make sure to let us know, but from what its showing on this side you should be fine.

The rest of the items are available and ready to be shipped. The copy of Munchkin Holiday Surprise you have in your order is the final copy we have available, which may be causing the display error. Rest assured your order should ship with everything shortly, even Munchkin Holiday Surprise. :)

-Erik Keith

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Thanks, Erik! I haven't seen anything on my credit card account itself, just something mentioned on the Order Summary page. Must just be a display issue.

I was wondering how the Munchkin Holiday Surprise set got in there if it was out of stock. <sheepish>Guess I shouldn't have gotten it somewhere else. Could you cancel it anyway, please?</sheepish> #oops #mybad

Paizo Employee Paizo Customer Service Algorithm

Sure thing! It's been removed from your order as requested!

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Thanks! Sorry for the trouble!

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