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The Exchange

A character (a small gnome let's say) wants to cast a spell from the back of his large mount in combat..
What are the ramifications?
Does it provoke an AOO?
Can the AOO be avoided with a Feat, Ride Check, or other Maneuver?

I understand that if the Mount makes a FULL attack there is a Concentration Check involved.

I guess it might be easier to drop off the back of the mount and use it as cover... but it doesn't really look as cool.

Separate but related question:
Can the rider use a reach weapon even if the mount is adjacent to the target?

Lantern Lodge

You are considered to be sharing all of the spaces as your mount. So if you cast a spell, and the mount your on is in a threatened square, then you will provoke.

You can avoid the AoO by casting the spell defensively (as usual).

The Exchange

So assuming you are in full combat mode.. casting flaming death on the enemy while your fearless mount tears into them with full attacks.. you are making 2 concentration checks a round no matter how good or bad a rider you are?

And there is no way to put the large mount between you and the threatening critter.. even though the mount is 2 sizes larger than you are?

Lantern Lodge

Yep :), one for the motion, and the other to not letting your guard down (spell casting takes TONS of concentration O.o)

The Exchange

So it's going to take like 3 feats to fix this.
Combat Casting
Uncanny Concentration
Additional Traits
(including Desperate Focus or Focused Mind)

Hmm.. that's +8 to your Concentration roll.
So assuming you are Level 1 with a +3 stat...
1d20=1 roll+8 feats+1 level+3 stat=13
Doesn't quite get you to 'always succeed' on a DC 17 Concentration roll.

At level 9 with a +6 stat...
1d20=1 roll+8 feats+9 level+6 stat=24
DC for level 5 spells is 25 so you are almost there...

At level 20 with a +8 stat...
1d20=1 roll+8 feats+20 level+8 stat=37
DC for level 9 spells is 33, so you are good at that point... but not by a huge margin.

What's the effect of a 1 on a Concentration roll?

Silver Crusade

A concentration roll is an ability check, not a saving throw or an attack roll. Saving throws and attack rolls both specify automatic failure on a 1, and automatic success on a 20. Not other kinds of rolls.

Keep in mind that with Uncanny Concentration, you stop worrying about vigorous/violent motion. Such as riding on a mount. Then you're down to just casting defensively.

The Exchange

The violent motion roll rapidly becomes moot actually...
since you only need to make a DC of 15 + SL x1 for Violent Motion but you need a DC of 15 + SL x2 for Casting Defensively.

The Exchange

Oooo.. Gloves of Elvenkind for the win!
Apparently these should be called RIDING Gloves of Elvenkind! +5 to Concentration Checks to Cast Defensively!
Doesn't help with the violent action... but if you get Uncanny Concentration you don't need to make that roll anymore.

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