We're the wolves. You're the lunchmeat.



The dimly lit basement reeked of raw meat and preserving agents. They were underneath a humble butcher's shop that doubled as a meeting place for members of the organization.

He had sent word out to his crew and to interested members about a meeting. Smoke wafted through the air.

My fellow Sczarni, he began with a grin that wrinkled up the scars on his face and exposed a shining gold tooth.

Here were are at the center of the world.

A silence hung in the air.

So much untapped opportunity and potential. And yet we sit here, resting on our laurels and awaiting the call of the Decemvirate.

He held up his hand against the coming objections.

Now, I know what you are all thinking. What about Guaril and the bosses?

He paused.

What about them? They will get their due, as is always done within the Family. And, of course, we will act only with their approval. But the time is now and Absalom is open ground.

I suggest that we keep our eyes and ears open for promising scores. And there is no reason for us to not get to work putting the locals in line. There is a lot of money to be made in this city and its anybody's game at this point.

But remember, don't make a move without the bosses' approval. The last thing we need is a war at the center of the world.

He relaxed and crossed his well muscled arms over a stocky chest. After lighting a cigar and taking a puff, he addressed everyone at the meeting with the hopes of getting feedback - and maybe a few leads.

What say you?

I'm looking to build a moneymaking operation here in Absalom for in between adventures. I'm also hoping to attract like minded individuals who are interested in participating in some kind of unofficial, mutually lucrative arrangement. I am open to ideas. Must be Sczarni affiliated or approved by a higher up within the Family.


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You're a bit late to the party...Carla's the profane and I were discussing the hero business. Thrash a few demons bluff the crusaders, and walk away with the crown jewels. No one inspects Sir "Kills a lot"'s horse.

If you'd like a similar caper in Absolom, I'd take up internment of the dead. Its a good transport operation from inside cities. You just need a rumor of plague (or the real thing) a few fireproof boxes and instant gate pass, no customs fees.

I've also joined up with Righty or as he calls himself these days Marquis du Ruum. He brews rum on the western end of Absolom. He also buys a lot of watertight jars...for some reason.

As for me crime's just a hobby. As an honorable Pathfinder Venture Captain, I pride myself in studying the keen methods of:

1. Only providing Pathfinders with key information if they ask the right questions.
2. Sending scores of low level Pathfinders to certain doom, on a lark.
3. Trading in a nefarious coin called Prestige (which is why I send people on #2 before they spend it.) I also withold Prestige if the questor does not perform said task to my liking or avoids the hidden secondary task(s) which I make up after the fact.


He frowns and contemplates this development, cursing the fact that he missed some of the more subtle avenues of profit. As a recent arrival, this was bound to happen though.


Internment of the dead, you say?

I must find out who Righty is connected to and what territory he controls. As I said, opportunity is everywhere.

He leans back, soaking in as much information as he can.

Yes, I have great respect for those who take up the mantle of leadership within the Society.


You'll not find Righty here, he prefers the air of perfume of Old Taldor. You can find him in the district west of Absolom's outer wall. Its a few hours walk from Cayden's hall (he's a supplier of Rum I hear.) The Undertaker is still prior to confirmation. We'll likely see him come around in about 2-3 weeks.

I steer clear of the Taldan operation as a rule. The leader of that faction is a relative of the leader of the local mortality guild. I'm sorry but after Carla's party the name escapes me. I'm also member, but noone's ever paid me to provide mortality. Strangely the "work" I do is always free.


Why *cough* did we have to *cough* meet in a bloody butchery? I thought that being at the center of the world would provide us a more... comfortable meeting venue..

Carla spit on the ground after loudly clearing her airways

I concur on the undertaker trick, it usually works. However, I didn't come here to discuss the aforementioned 'avenues of profit', cousin. Because we're still looking for agile hands in Mendev. Now that the queens' banned all insurgent elements and traitorous dwarves there is a mighty fine opportunity for us to step in and create a... let's say, alternative lodge. All in the name of proper society business, of course. We need experienced folk because them crusaders are not to be trifled with.


Yeah I heard about that little calamity from one of my peers. Its a shame I couldn't have made that trip, I would have enjoyed the look of surprise on a certain visiting personage as I sunk three feet of adamantine into its guts.

Alternative lodge??

You're not one of those weird Shadow flunkies are you? Although I'm not sure what Torchy got everyone so lit up for: real evil is quiet friendly and very honest (in public). Those daylight lodge guys were always right out in the open for everyone to see. They kept saying "shadow" lodge, but a few hours of looking and just about anyone with half a wit could find the lot of em. Maybe they were invisible or something...or more likely noone cared what they did.

Yeah Rha'ziz, what's the meat packing plant for? Are you consuming the foes? Or selling them off as sausages? I have a few brands you can trademark, "Aspis head cheese" "Lisallan Leberkase" "Rinds of the Runelords" "Demon Wurst" and of course "Deviled Ham"


I am all for being the best Zarniest I can be. But you guyses confuzzle me!


As she slowly lights a large cigar Carla absently takes a moment to think.

But Telessar, cousin, this time we can't do it in the open. That's the whole point; these crusaders are so rotten that they will make trouble because they're corrupt like the plague and morally wounded like the world. We need to do this more undercover, like hidin' the place somewhere only the society can go. No templars allowed, lip service to the queen and everything. As a matter of fact, I got offered one such job! There's this tapestry, see, made by some Tian goofball where they hide places to hide places. Too bad I ain't sure of this whole thing though, because I'd proably need more men to do it. But youon the other hand... You might be able to get in there and see if there's a fitting place somewhere, no demons around.


You're old school Carla, I like that. However, nothing is better than out in the open where everyone can see and mainly ignore it. Noone cares about three or four people going to the meat market. What are the guards going to do, stop me from buying Deviled Ham! Ha ha ha, I love that.

As far as that tapestry goes, too closely guarded by the society for my taste. I spent an awful amount of time in that carpet, and honestly it scared the piss out of me every time I went in. I remember it well.

Pathfinder Group 432 are you Ready! Oh yeah its safe, you tested it...sure where are the last dozen guys you sent in...gone? Where? Oh you don't know. Sure, I'm in for a challenge...just pop on in and don't worry you'll come back...maybe. Who's that group standing in the hall...just a few friends we invited over in case you didn't come back.

Pathfinder Group 433 on Deck!

The Exchange

Hello friends, I do enjoy a good side of bacon. Its been a long time since I met fellows that talked back to me. Forgive my forwardness, I am your undertaker. No not professionally yet, but who knows it could be sooner than you know.

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