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Sovereign Court 4/5

Just curious why I haven't seen this offered a lot online? Does the boon from 1+2 make it hard to GM online? Or do those that GMed parts 1+2 want to play it first because its cool? I've played the first two and I have a PC I'm holding to play part 3 but its been a while, so I thought I would ask.

I'd wager the lack of part three is a timing issue. Players and GMs want parts one and two on their characters before putting them through part three. Since peoples schedules are variable, getting all three parts in order is a bit of a tricky thing to do.

I'm not saying it's impossible or anything like that, just that it takes effort. Plus, part three is a three-seven, so some players need to level their characters a bit. Give part three a bit more time, especially since many of the online GMs just spent their past couple weeks preparing for Conline, and may well spend the next couple weeks recuperating from Conline. I know I'm physically ill from all the talking I did, and I doubt I'm the only one who's still just beat from it.

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there are only 2 scenarios I have vowed Id never run again ...

Master of the Fallen Fortress

and now Destiny of the sands Part 3

I ran it at a local Convention ... maybe it was the Characters I had
under me ...

now Normally I can deal with heavens Oracle's and not have an issue

but in this Scenario I had one with Mythic Color Spray ... and Watched that character Steamroll all but the last Encounter

the encounters were 3 walkthroughs ... and then a stone wall

the Young Behir .... the Chase Scene ... the hound encounter were all 1 rounded by a 30ft Color spray cone of - 8 HD to determine effect

my concern for this scenarios is that certain character types that already shine now have the ability to Sparkle Radiantly into blindness ... Im currently playing in Wrath of the Rightous and I can say now that Mythic vs Non Mythic is so OP it s not funny

so sure I kinda had fun ... but I cant believe that my other players had fun ...

I think this may have something to do with why you dont see this one offered online that much

Scarab Sages 4/5

If anyone does decide to offer it, I'd be interested in playing. I've also got a character with parts 1 & 2, and I think I missed out on the local run of it (or people are waiting until after they've played the whole series at Paizocon before they offer it locally).

Sovereign Court 4/5

Quite possibly, the lack is because of the tier jump. I am running one table right now in PbP where everyone is either level 1 or 2, so practically none of them will be able to play part 3. We haven't decided how we are going to cope with that. Maybe run a module or two in between? I don't know.

Anyway, when it comes to it, I will likely be posting an advert to fill up the Part 3 table, so if you're not shy of PbPs, keep an eye out.

Grand Lodge 4/5

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I had to plan my run of the trilogy ahead of time to make sure my players could participate. I haven't had any reason to offer to run it again since, as I don't have any players I am trying to get through the series now.

Wraith235 wrote:
there are only 2 scenarios I have vowed Id never run again ... but in this Scenario I had one with Mythic ...

I've heard similar complaints about this scenario from local players and GMs. Wraith brought up a good point; Destiny of the Sands 3 involves learning a new rule-set. I know that there are a reasonable number of players/GMs who are very opposed to Mythic in PFS play. I won't run in or play in the Destiny series because I have neither the time nor the desire to learn about Mythic play. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this. This, by no means, is a criticism of Mythic Adventures; it's not my cup of tea, though. So, Mythic may well be a very real reason why there haven't been as many Destiny 3 tables.

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