Bluff v. Intimidate, a Halfling Bard question


I have a concept I am going to build out using my PFS GM credits.

The basics are these:

18 Dex, 18 Cha, Halfling Dawnflower Dervish. My deity will be Sarenrae, and my personal goal will be to subdue rather than kill my enemies so they have a chance at redemption.


Taunt and Enforcer (Enforcer first)

Fate's Favored (+1 to three saves is just too good to pass up, and Divine Favor, see below)
Blade of Mercy

Bluff at all levels.
Perception all levels
Use Magic Device all levels
Dance at all levels
Spellcraft levels 1 and 2 (so I can put Divine Favor into a ring of spell knowledge)
All social skills to 9 so I can aid other by 'taking 1'

I expect to get a ring of spell knowledge at level 2 (should have the Fame and Gold by then) and pick up a Ring of Spell Knowledge (Divine Favor).

Buffed, I should be doing 1d4 +2 (Battle Dance) +2 (Divine Favor) + 4 (Dex) + 1 (Blade of Mercy) for a total of 11.5 damage, and demoralizing most of the time (DC is 10+wis mod+HD) v. 1d20 +9 -4 against medium size = 15.5 on average)

At level 3, with Taunt, the negatives for size go away, and I use Bluff

At level 4, I plan to give up a spell known to get Pageant of the Peacock to replace the Bardic Knowledge I give up for being a Dawnflower.

No idea what to do post level 4, other than get a Merciful weapon, a haversack, a circlet of persuasion, and a pathfinder's pouch.


You might as well take 2 levels of Paladin to get Divine Grace to get Cha to saves. Also, keep in mind that Bardic Knowledge is what allows you to make untrained Knowledge checks. Even if you're using Bluff to make the check, you still need to be able to make the Knowledge check in the first place to make that swap. So you'll need 1 token point in any Knowledge in which you want to make a check.

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