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on May 15 I ordered a Campaign Setting subscription (to be started with Occult Mysteries).

On May 16 I received a notification that there was a problem with my payment method.
(When I originally ordered, the website only asked me for my credit card number, but not for the type of credit card - visa or master card - I assume that was the cause of the problem)
I went back to the website and re-entered my credit card data (this time it did ask me for the type).

Since then I haven't heard back from you in any way.

On May 22 I sent you an e-mail concerning this - but didn't receive any reply.

On my subscriptions page, Occult Mysteries shows up as "currently pending" under Example Subscription Shipments, but as "Payment method declined" under My Subscriptions.

Can you confirm that everything is okay now with my order?
When do you think Occult Mysteries will be shipped to me?

Customer Service Representative


I'm sorry we haven't gotten to your email yet. The inbox has been a bit backlogged, and we're trying to work through it as fast as we can.

It looks like your card should be good now, the system was just having trouble recognizing that it could retry the payment method (usually it does it automatically after a couple of days).

In any case, I have give this a good kick to get it out the door as soon as we can. You should see a shipping update soon.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


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