Incorporating Mythic Rules into the SCAP

Shackled City Adventure Path

First of all, I was wondering if anyone had already utilized Mythic rules in SCAP, and how it went down if you did.

Secondly, if no one has, what would it look like? At what point would we start giving our heroes access to the Mythic tiers? What would cause them to Ascend? I can see the Smoking Eye template doing this, but it only allows for one person to access it. How else could we incorporate these powers?

Third, or in addition to the second section, which monsters would we convert? Obviously not every foe would have these abilites. Which ones would make the most sense to have mythic powers?

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


No thoughts from anyone on incorporating Mythic rules into the SCAP?

My players are still in Chapter Two. I am wondering if perhaps having them gain the mythic stuff near the end of Chapter 3 or Chapter 4? Both the Kopra ruins and the blipdoopip (or however it is spelled) temple could have places that would grant mythic abilities. What are your thoughts?

I had considered incorporating them into Test of the Smoking Eye or Secrets of the Soul Pillars. Based on some of the negative reviews coming out of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path on mythic rules, I've decided to forego them for now.

I considered the Test of the Smoking Eyenas a beginning place as well. What are some of the negative reviews? Can you share them here or give me a link?

Going from my memory of reading the Wrath of the Righteous forum, there were three main complaints:

1) Mythic was much more powerful than expected (each tier being closer to +1 CR rather than +1/2)
2) The encounter design in the AP focused on more lower CR monsters
3) The AP showers you with a lot of extra wealth and artifacts

I haven't looked at the AP so I don't really have an opinion. The major threads dealing with it are:

A Failed AP? and Combat balance in Mythic Gameplay. I couldn't find specific criticisms on a quick search, but I know that MagnusKN and Tangent101 were fairly critical of the system.

There's also an ongoing campaign journal from Nobody's Home, who is trying Mythic but I believe his players were trying fairly hard to not pick anything overpowered here.

I don't know how bad it is - Orthos is incorporating Mythic heavily in his Kingmaker campaign here. I think some is Orthos completely modifying his campaign and embracing the crazy - here was his early report:

Orthos wrote:

This sadly has been my experience as well. The balance of power is just completely off.

At level 12/tier 2 (so in theory, approximately APL 13), my Mythic Kingmaker party took on a level-15 Fetchling Cleric with superior stats and gear (so roughly CR 16) and her Dread Skeleton Old Silver Dragon (a CR 18 foe), and three Shae Rogues (approx. CR 14 each, so a CR 17 challenge with the three of them). The dragon alone should have been just beyond an Epic (+4 APL) challenge, and been nigh-undefeatable, and that's without the cleric. Knock off one or two CR points for being a lone target, if you want, and heck for argument's sake let's knock 2 CR off the Shae for being Rogues. That's still a CR 16 Cleric, a CR 16 or 17 dragon skeleton, and a trio of annoying enemy minions who as a group make a CR 15 challenge.

Other anecdotal stories note that it increases d20/3.x/PF's problem of "rocket tag" normally found at higher levels over the whole gamut of levels that you use mythic.

It's a pretty divisive set of rules. It doesn't surprise me at all that no one really commented on the OP's thread. ("What?! You're adding mythic to a published adventure on purpose?!") ;)

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