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This is going to be a compilation of issues and suggestions for the landrush portion of GW.


  • Settlement Priorities - Really need state feedback between dirty and clean lists. If unsaved changes have been made, it needs to be obvious. This also extends to the lack of feedback to the user after saving. I have to assume that because it no longer says saving that it is now saved, but it is a very small change which is easily overlooked. Should definitely offer the user a distinct sense of confirmation. This can be done via dirty list notification, so the user also knows if they have changes that are not yet saved.
  • Way too many places to disband a guild. Like having a nuke button next to your coffee pot "on" switch. Please limit this to places it makes sense to have it in.


  • Landrush map could really use its own modal, it is tiny and using the +/- zoom buttons is not as friendly as just showing the whole thing and allowing further zooming from there.
  • Good job expanding top list to 10, that is much better.

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A suggestion for the Website: when you get to the Landrush-page there is very little explanation on what the landrush actually is and how it will play out. That information is in Lee's blog though. That blog is currently at the top of the Homepage but may fall down at some point.

So I think put another link in the current landrush explanation (which includes the link to Finding a Guild and Found your own) that directs to that Landrush blog. That would be easier then having to condense and rewrite Lee's blog. Landrushers might be interested in the Resources part of that blog anyway, so a link to the blog is probably best.

This for the hundreds of people that will start flooding here soon, and are not yet familiar with where to get the best info.

(I know the blog was also linked in the email that people get, but you know how that goes).

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